Covid-19 Vaccinations


The Covid-19 vaccine is free, available to everyone 16+ years, and will help keep as many people safe and protected as possible in New Zealand.

When can I get the Covid-19 vaccine?

The Ministry of Health have a roll-out plan starting with our most vulnerable people in the community. Check your eligibility and find out what Group you are in. You can use this Tool to find out when you can get the vaccine. Following this plan Groups 1, 2 and 3 are currently being vaccinated, but there will be enough vaccines for everyone.


These medical centres in our network are currently able to give the covid-19 vaccine. Contact the one nearest you to arrange your vaccine:

The Doctors Ti Rakau, East Auckland - phone 09 869 8669 or complete this online form 

Register for Covid Vaccine at Ti Rakau

The Doctors Quaymed Britomart, Central Auckland - complete this online form

Register for Covid Vaccine at Quaymed Britomart

The Doctors Napier, Hawkes Bay - complete this online form

Register for Covid Vaccine at Napier

Team Medical, Kapiti Coast - phone 04 297 3000 to discuss availability