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Welcome to The Doctors Middlemore - we're open for you

We are a family friendly,welcoming medical practice that provides you with General Practice health care as well as Urgent Care services for accidents, injuries and other unexpected illness. 

When you next visit you will notice our building and signage have had a long overdue refresh and we have a new name, The Doctors Middlemore.  We listened to our patients and our new name is aligned with Middlemore Hospital and best reflects our location. Rest assured, everything else is still the same. Our medical team are all still here to continue to provide for you your family's healthcare needs.

Did you know, when you enrol with us your first booked appointment is FREE!

Our General Practice provides appointments for our enrolled patients, offering medical services to promote wellness for you and your family.  Our dedicated team of GPs & practice nurses are there to provide support around women's and men's health, child and youth health, long-term conditions (including diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular disease).

We have a great team of GPs who are dedicated to providing our patients with quality, patient-centered health care. Our Urgent Care offers medical treatment for more acute and urgent matters, and is also available to non-enrolled patients. We are endorsed against ACC Standards for Urgent Care centres, and RNZCGP 'Cornerstone' quality approved as a general practice.  Pharmacy, X-ray and physio are also available onsite at our practice.  

We are open everyday from 8am to 8pm including Weekends and Public Holidays. For after-hours care, please go to Middlemore Hospital (09 276 0044) or Whitecross Clinic Otahuhu (09 276 3000). 

Remember, your first booked appointment is FREE when you enrol with us!

Book appointments online and order prescriptions

Make sure you're registered for our secure online patient portal Manage My Health (MMH). Then, anytime 24/7 you can:

  • Request repeat scripts 
  • Book appointments with Doctors 
  • Access your test results 

Contact Reception to start your registration. Once our reception has given you an activation code, here is How to Register and How to Use The Portal.


Video and Phone Consultations

Throughout COVID-19 we have found different ways to continue delivering the best health care and advice for you and your whanau - including the introduction of secure video and phone consultations.

Personal phone and video consultations are proving to be very effective and we've found most of our patients are enjoying these options. We are also finding that most health issues can be managed very well this way. Having a virtual consult will save you travel time and any wait time once you get there, plus you can still see and/or talk with your doctor or nurse. It brings your care closer to home.

If your normal GP or medical centre is closed during COVID-19, give us a call 09-275 9977, we can also do a phone consultation to help you.

Registered provider for Immigration New Zealand

The Doctors Middlemore is a registered panel provider for New Zealand Immigration Applicants for residence and also for applicants requiring temporary entry but intending to stay in NZ for more than 12 months. We offer package fee charges and low wait times for these appointments.

We provide all medical services required for your immigration application such as General Medical Certificate, Limited Medical Certificate, Chest X Ray and any add-on test. If you would like to have your Immigration Medical done at The Doctors Middlemore, please phone us on 09 275 9977 to book an appointment or you can walk-in anytime Monday to Friday  8am - 4pm. 

Click here for the Immigration Medical Patient Form - please complete and email it to 

Drivers License Medicals 

The NZ Transport Agency requires all drivers to be medically fit to drive for the safety of everyone on the road. We are happy to complete a medical assessment for you even if you are not enrolled with us. 

A driver's medical certificate is required if you are: 

  • having a medical condition which may affect your ability to drive

  • 75 years or older 

  • applying or renewing a heavy vehicle Class 2-5 license (unless you have provided a certificate in the last five years)

Occupational Health Services 

We can help you look after your employees with medicals, regular health checks and vaccinations. Getting the right advice will help their health and well being.  We help your employees to:

  • stay healthy and safe 
  • have less time off 
  • plan a return to work 
  • be more productive in the workplace 

We can treat your employees after an injury and plan a return to work after an injury. It often means they have less time off and recovery may not always mean staying at home - returning to work with reduced duties might be the best option. Our doctors and nurses can work together with ACC and insurance companies throughout the process.

1. Pre Employment Medical Assessment 

  • Vision Screening ,Hearing (Audiometry) Test, Lung Function (Spirometry), Musculoskeletal Assessment, Cardiovascular disease screening

2. Vaccinations 

  • Hepatitis, Flu, Tetanus

3. Drug and Alcohol testing

  • Cannabinoids, Amphetamines, Opiates, Cocaine, Benzodiazepines, Synthetic Cannabis, Alcohol

4. Workplace Injuries

  • Management & treatments, Return to work planning, Alternative duties

5. Immigration medicals 

  • General, Limited, Chest X Ray Certificates

We are a designated COVID-19 Testing Site

If you have a cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, fever, runny nose or sneezing, please contact the clinic on 09 275 9977 to arrange for a time to be swabbed by our friendly team.  COVID-19 testing is FREE - you will not be charged for your swab.

You can also send us an email to - please use 'COVID Test' as the subject and include the following: Full name; Date of Birth; Address; Contact phone number; Details of the symptoms you are having (including the date they started)

PLEASE NOTE:  The safety and well-being of our patients and staff is our priority. Patients visiting for COVID-19 testing are directed to a different parking area, away from the main entrance. Swabs are carried out in your car where possible or in an isolation room if an assessment is required. This means if you need to visit us for another reason, e.g. your flu vaccine, you will not be exposed to any COVID-19 testing.

Our services

Book an appointment online

We are excited to be able to offer you Manage My Health (MMH) an online portal that allows you to:

  • Request repeat scripts 
  • Books appointments with Doctors and Nurses
  • Access test results 

You can download a 2-page instruction guide here showing you how to register and if you click here you will go directly to the portal to register with us.

Registered provider for Immigration New Zealand

The Doctors Middlemore is a registered panel provider for New Zealand Immigration Applicants for residence and also for applicants requiring temporary entry but intending to stay in New Zealand for more than 12 months.  Please download our Immigration information booklet and current price list. 

At the first point of contact applicants will need to confirm what type of Medical is required, either (1) a Full Immigration Medical Package or (2) a Limited Immigration Medical Package. Immigration NZ will give advice to applicants in regard to what type of Medical they require before they apply. 

An Immigration Patient Information Form may be downloaded and the applicant information completed before coming into The Doctors Middlemore. Service information is also available on site, we are a “One Stop Shop”:- Monday to Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm which means we can offer an all-in-one package.

  • Registered Nurse: completes all Laboratory Testing required, Medical Report
  • X-Ray: with Horizon Radiology
  • GP Consultation: Medical Examination including interpreting Laboratory Test Results
  • Administration: Photo, Photocopying, Fee payment/receipting, uploading information to Immigration NZ when application requirements are completed
  • We offer a competitive fee structure (Please note any extra or special testing required will be at an additional cost for the Immigration Medical applicant)

If an interpreter is required for appointments – it is the responsibility of the applicant to provide. 

Please see the pricing table below for costs, age groups are as follows:

We aim to expand our service provision in the near future with the inclusion of online application processing, potentially stream lining the process further. 

How does it work? 

  • Applicants may phone to book the first appointment and provide basic information or visit The Doctors Middlemore to obtain information/forms before making the first appointment.
  • Prior to the first appointment all applicants are requested to arrive early if still needing to complete forms for photocopying and to make their payment with reception.
  • A second appointment with the Medical Team will be arranged on the same day wherever possible.
  • The third and final appointment is completed with a GP once the Laboratory Tests are returned to The Doctors Middlemore - this process could take up to 4 x days. 

What do you bring to your first appointment? 

  • Authentic Passport
  • Funds available to make “Immigration Package" provider payment
  • Any relevant information from your Immigration NZ contact.
  • Your NZ residential address and cell/email information
  • Authentic documentation required if you have changed/or have different information on your passport eg name change - married name/spelling of name etc.
  • If a parent or guardian is accompanying a minor, they must also bring their passport and authentic proof of guardianship. 

Applicants outside of Auckland 
Once contact has been made with The Doctors Middlemore there are variable options of service to discuss with Immigration Administration/Reception staff.

You can choose to: 

  • Make fee payment via phone 
  • Have your immigration medical results couriered/emailed to you
  • Down load Immigration Patient Information Form/request email

Two trips to Auckland The Doctors Middlemore – third and final one with GP once Lab results are received.
Information and reports will be sent to Immigration NZ via The Doctors Middlemore within 24 hours. 

It may be an advantage for you to print off the following :

Points to note:

  • Pre-payment is required prior to appointment 1. and is confirmed
  • It is requested you arrive 10 -15 minutes before Appointment 1, in order for reception staff to assist you with the completion of your forms, Receipt your payment and any photocopying for your Passport ready for Immigration Administration to certify the copy for staff to sign off .
  • Children under the age of 11 years do not require a Chest X-ray
  • Children under the age of 15 years do not require a Blood Test.
  • At appointment 2. you maybe required to complete a urine sample, blood test, vision test (so bring your prescription glasses with you).
  • Please call our Immigration team (09 275 9977) within 48 hours of your appointment with an acceptable cancellation request – failure to do so will incur a fee (ref: Patient Information Form).
  • Extra testing required will be additional to the Package Fee. 

Services available through our PHO for enrolled patients

  • Lower patient fees
  • Lower prescription costs 

Urgent Care

The Doctors Middlemore in Massey Road is endorsed having met all the required standards as an Urgent Care medical centre. Whenever you have an accident or injury, we can help. Services  include:

  • Family health care
  • Accident care
  • Minor surgery
  • Pre-employment medicals
  • Immigration medicals
  • Long term health conditions
  • Company ACC
  • Asthma Clinic
  • Unichem Pharmacy
  • Physiotherapy
  • X-ray

Weekend service

Our centre is endorsed by ACC auditors as an accident and medical centre. This means that on weekends and public holidays, emergency and urgent walk-in patients take priority.

If you would like to see your regular GP for non-urgent or non-acute health concerns, please make an appointment during our normal weekday hours.

Nurse-led health initiatives

Our skilled nursing team provides a range of fully funded (free for enrolled patients) health and wellness programmes:

  • Asthma checkups, a thorough review of your asthma management and advice on maximising asthma control
  • Cervical smear clinics held three times a week
  • Contraception and sexual health advice
  • Comprehensive health checks (for men & women) including blood pressure, screening blood tests and cardiovascular (heart and stroke health) risk assessment
  • Chronic care nurse clinics covering diabetes, chronic lung disease and heart disease and gout
  • Immunisations for children
  • Smoking cessation advice and support, plus nicotine replacement if required

Occupational health

The Doctors Middlemore offers a menu of occupational health services which includes:

  • Workplace accident & medical service
  • Pre-employment medicals
  • Annual employee medicals
  • Immunisation/flu vaccination
  • Travel vaccination
  • Drug testing
  • Specialist visiting orthopaedic surgeons.

For 16 years we have maintained our reputation for a focus on quality and innovation. This ensures you get what your business needs, when you need it, and we welcome an opportunity to discuss any particular requirements you may have.

Pre-employment medicals
A customised check of specific health factors before you agree to employ a new staff member:

  • Tailored to your business and hazards on site.
  • Recommended for all new employees.

Depending on your business, your workforce may also need the following pre-employment checks:

  • Alcohol and drug-testing (where precision and/or public safety issues are important)
  • Spirometry (lung function) for any work involving fumes, dust, solvents, fine particles or toxic substances
  • Hearing – for work environments with high levels of mechanical or electronic noise
  • Eye-sight – where excellent vision is a requirement or eye-strain may occur.

Annual employee medicals
Follow-up health checks, usually annually, are the best way to be sure your employees’ health is not being affected by their work – helping you keep your valuable staff, and avoid expensive litigation.

The health checks outlined under pre-employment medicals above can also be carried out on an annual basis, signed off by a qualified health professional, so you have the records you need now and in the future.

We can vaccinate your staff against diseases to which they may be susceptible, and/or which could affect your business, such as flu, Hepatitis A and B, and others as needed.

Travel vaccinations
If your staff are required regularly to travel overseas, we have access to up to the minute travel vaccinations and disease advice. Special rates are negotiable for high-use businesses.

Drug testing
On request, we can carry out random testing for alcohol, cannabis, methamphetamine, benzodiazepines, and opiates. Please note – this must be included in your employment agreements before we can carry out such testing.

Best Practice Physiotherapy work from our medical centre and provide a wide range of assessment, treatment, and education for injuries. Their services also includes:

  • work place assessments
  • manual handling education
  • work pacing
  • rehabilitation plans
  • injury progress reporting.

Best Practice prides themselves on their ability to provide service to a multicultural population with cultural sensitivity.  

All their physiotherapists are involved in education, injury prevention in-services as well as hands on treatment. They provide rehabilitation to patients who have had time off work and require work hardening to return to productive duties.  Acupuncture is offered as part of their treatment and it has been  found very beneficial when combined with other treatment modalities.

Max Radiology

Low-cost immigration and general x-rays, no appointment needed!

No charge acc x-rays
We provide free ACC X-rays. 
These require a doctors request form.

General x-rays
See us for all your general x-rays, including those for insurance and employment purposes.


Urgent Care and Standard GP Services Hours

Urgent Care: Open 7 Days 8am - 8pm (including Public Holidays)  

Standard GP Services: Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm 

Please call or speak with our receptionist for a full list of charges. Note: your first visit is FREE when you enrol with us and all ACC consultations are FREE.

NB: All prices are subject to change without prior notice

Patient Fees

Enrolled Patient Fees

 Age GP Consultation
8am - 6pm*
Urgent Care
weekends and
public holidays*
0 - 17 years FREE FREE
18+ years $19.00 $30.00


NOTE: Your first visit is FREE when you enrol with us - all ages

*GP Consultation charges apply Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm.  *After hours: Mon-Fri 6-8pm, all day Sat-Sun and public holidays. Pricing effective from 6 August 2019

*From the 1st of December all non attended booked appointments will be charged at $19 unless the clinic is advised of cancellation 2hours prior

*All Fees are due on the day of your consultation, or a $15 administration fee will apply. If you pay within 7 days, the admin fee will be removed. Effect 1st December 2019

Casual Patient Fees

Age GP Consultation
Urgent Care 6-8pm
weekend,public holidays*
0-5 years FREE FREE
6-17 years $30.00 $42.00
18+ years $60.00 $72.00

*GP Consultation charges apply Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm.  *After hours: Mon-Fri 6-8pm, all day Sat-Sun and public holidays. *Non-residents must provide a passport as identification upon arrival
*Casuals wishing to enrol pay a discounted charge for the first visit, subsequent visits are charged at enrolled patient rate


ACC Patient Fees

Age                                                                               ACC Surcharge

All Enrolled Patients                                                      FREE          

Non Enrolled,  over 13 Years                                         $10

Effective May 2020

Nurse Consultations

Age Enrolled
0 - 17 years FREE FREE
18+ years $15.00  $20.00

*GP Consultation charges apply Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm.  *After hours surcharge applies: Mon-Fri 6-8pm, all day Sat-Sun and public holidays.

Repeat Prescriptions

Type Fee
On the day or phone request - urgent within 24hrs $17.00
Phone request - not urgent within 24-72hrs $12.50
Phone request and faxed to pharmacy $17.00 

Immigration Medicals

Age Fee
Children - 10yrs and under $140.00
Youth - 11-14yrs $235.00
Full medical 15-64yrs $480.00
Limited medical 15-64yrs $230.00
Full medical 65+yrs $530.00
Limited medical 65+yrs 



Insurance Medicals

Age Fee
10 years and under FREE
11 - 17 years $120.00
18+ years  $150.00



Drivers Licence Medicals

Age Fee
16+ years $60.00



Our Doctors

Our practice team of doctors, nurses and reception staff work together to help give you access to the care you need.

Mandeeps Manage  

Dr Anna Marie O'Mahony

Doctor Anna-Marie O'Mahony graduated from the University College Cork in Ireland in 2011. She obtained her Fellowship in General Practice in 2018. She has a certificate of dermosocpy from the skin cancer college Australasia. Dr O'Mahony's special interests are in paediatrics, dermatology and womens health. 

Dr Emily Cole

Dr Vincent Yu

Vincent graduated from University of Medical School in 2003 and obtained his Fellowship in General Practice from the Royal NZ College of GP in 2008.  He was previously working in Mangere Family Doctors (Now The Doctors Middlemore), moved overseas and then return to join this big family again in 2020.  He was involved in teaching for the College of Hong Kong Family Physician in Hong Kong and Mainland China when he was overseas, as well as his clinical duties.  He is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

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Dr Tom Bye


Originally from Auckland, Dr Tom Bye left for medical training in the South Island graduating from the University of Otago Medical School. Following graduation he returned to Auckland and Northland to work as a Doctor, joining The Doctors Mangere in 2015 as a training registrar for 6 months, and then returned here full time in 2017.

Tom is an advanced trainee in both the Colleges of Urgent Care and General Practice. His areas of special interest are Paediatrics, Youth Health, ENT and Plastics. Tom previously worked as a Registrar in ENT (ear, nose, throat) at Auckland and Middlemore Hospitals, Plastics/Burns at Middlemore, ED (emergency department) in Whangarei, ICU (intensive care unit) at Northshore and Auckland. Tom also worked as a House Officer at Middlemore and Starship.

Dr Mazher1.png

Dr Mazher Iqbal

Dr Mazher arrived in New Zealand in 2012 from the UK. He worked a few years as a GP in Palmerston North. He joined The Doctors Middlemore in 2014 and since then has been working as a full time GP with us. During his time in Auckland, he gained fellowship in General Practice. As Mazher has some family ties in the UK, he regularly visits there. Recently he went back to the UK to gain some more experience from the UK's General Practice. He enjoys working at The Doctors Middlemore and his special interests include managing chronic conditions like diabetes, COPD and minor surgery. He's also very keen to do joint injections like shoulder, hip, knee and carpal tunnel etc. He has 3 kids who study in Auckland and want to pursue their higher education in New Zealand and so he is planning to stay in New Zealand for a long time.

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Dr Allan Tee

MBChB (Otago), Dip O&G, Dip Paeds, FRNZCGP, FRNZCUC - GP/Urgent Care Physician, Director/Partner

After graduating from Otago Medical School in 1997, Allan spent the first 3 years working in various hospitals. In 2001, he gained post-graduate qualification in both Pediatrics and Obstetric & Gynecology. He completed his Fellowship training for the Royal NZ college of GPs in 2004. In 2017, Allan gained his Fellowship in Royal NZ college of Urgent Care. Allan has been part of The Doctors Group for over a decade. He is the General Manager of the The Doctors, Ti Rakau and a Director/Partner of The Doctors, Mangere.  Allan enjoys all aspects of family medicine and has a special interest in minor surgery and treatment of accident and sports injuries. 

Outside of work, Allan is a busy father of two boys and enjoys the outdoors and sports, especially basketball and golf.

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Dr Murray Winiata


Murray has previously worked at The Doctors Mangere as a Senior House Officer on a General Practice placement from the hospital.

He has completed a Masters in Medicine as well as holding post graduate qualifications in child health and has broad hospital experience in orthopaedics, general medicine, paediatrics, emergency medicine and psychiatry.

Murray also has experience working in the adult mental health NGO sector.
In his spare time Murray is an obsessive home barista, occasional guitarist and technology hobbyist. In the technology world he is likely better known as “NZtechfreak”.
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Dr Mark Young


Mark has been a GP at MFD since late 2012. He studied medicine through Auckland University and completed House Officer runs about Auckland leading up to GP training. He spent three years as a junior Doctor in Middlemore Hospital in a variety of specialties before beginning training in General Practice. Mark has GP experience in South Auckland and Wellsford. Travel, cooking, all sports and a good crime novel are among his interests when not too busy at work!

He is involved in Registrar and Senior House Officer teaching at MFD along with his clinical duties. 
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Dr Amanda Bishop

BSc, BHB, MB ChB, FRNZCGP, Director

Amanda joined the practice in 2003 and is particularly interested in women’s health and mental health and well-being.

Growing up in the UK, Amanda came to New Zealand as a young adult traveller. She studied medicine in Auckland as a mature student, then completed her Fellowship training for the Royal New Zealand College of GPs in 2007.

Outside of work Amanda is busy with family life and enjoys time with her extended family and friends, walking, yoga, and travelling around New Zealand, especially going off the grid in the Coromandel beaches.


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Dr Huta Tangaroa


Huta joined the Mangere team in 2006 and has rapidly become an extremely popular and well respected member of the doctor team.

Huta is originally from the Cook Islands, but has spent many years in general practice in New Zealand; Bay of Islands, West Auckland and more recently South Auckland.

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•    Pay less to see the doctor and for prescriptions (for subsidised medicines prescribed by your doctor)
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Click here to enrol online with The Doctors Middlemore. You will need to bring in an original form of ID before your first visit (e.g. Birth Certificate, Passport) - call our team to find out.

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