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Welcome to our practice

We are a family friendly, welcoming medical practice providing a full range of general practice services. We continue the Christian tradition of caring with compassion and skill for those in our local community. We work in partnership with our patients to prevent ill health and promote well-being for all those registered with us. We are also proud to be Cornerstone Accredited. Our practice is owned by Dr Jane Renwick and Dr Stuart Monk who are all Fellows of the Royal NZ College of GPs.

Our large practice space means we can offer treatment of minor accidents and wound care, so our local community don't need to travel for these services.  We offer disease prevention & promotion of healthy lifestyle, multi-ethnic patient care, continuity of care, informed choices, responsive to the special status, health needs and rights of Maori, disabled access, working with other agencies and community services, refugee care and assisting with psycho-social issues.

We are closed on Weekends and Public Holidays. We recommend you go to Westcare Whitecross 131 Lincoln Road Henderson during these times. 

Enrolments are currently closed due to limited staff capacity. We will accept enrolments again as soon as we can. Thanks for your understanding.

Get your flu vaccine with us - if you're enrolled with us booking a flu vaccine is easy and best done through the patient portal – book now! Or you can request an appointment using our online form:

Request flu vaccine here

For more info read more here

Click here for more info on:

Covid-19 Tests & Results, Managing a Positive Result,
Covid-19 Vaccinations and Consults

Covid-19 Tests & Results
If you have Covid-19 symptoms or are a household contact of a positive case please phone us to arrange your test. Most testing is now done via Rapid Antigen Testing (RATs) with results available within 30mins. You will need to self-report your result via My COVID Record or by calling 0800 222 478 and pressing option 3. The majority of positive cases will be able to self-manage and required to follow current isolation rules. If you have concerns or if your symptoms are worsening, call us on 09 831 0170 or 111 in an emergency.

Managing a Positive Result
Click here for managing a positive result and your symptoms at home.

Covid-19 Vaccinations
Phone us on 09 831 0170 for 5-11 year olds, standard vaccines and boosters.

Many consults are virtual (phone or video), with some in person. Phone 09 831 0170 to book and tell us if you have any Covid-19 symptoms. We will explain what to do when coming into the practice. Please wear a mask at all times.

Choice of appointments and how to book them

In Person

Enrol With Us

Enrolments are currently closed due to limited staff capacity. We will accept enrolments again as soon as we can. Thanks for your understanding.

Not enrolled but need an appointment? 

You can still get an appointment even if you are not enrolled with us e.g. if you’re a visitor to the region. Just phone our friendly team for a casual appointment.  Extra charges apply for casual appointments when you are not enrolled.

Online Patient Portal

Are you registered for the online portal?

When you’re enrolled with us you can register for this portal, called Health 365. Then, any time you like 24/7 you can:

  • book appointments - This service is currently turned off.  If you have a cough, cold, sore throat or fever you MUST tell reception when booking
  • request repeat scripts
  • view lab test results

Phone reception 09 831 0170 to start your registration

Our Services

General Practice Services

  • Adult and Child Medical Care
  • Minor Accident Care
  • Minor Surgery
  • Repeat Prescriptions
  • Lab Results
  • Liquid Nitrogen
  • IUCD Insertion
  • Immunisations
  • Cervical Smears
  • ECG
  • Travel Health Services - advice/vaccinations, contact us 4-6 before leaving, download our Travel Health Questionnaire here
  • Well Child/Tamariki Ora Health Checks – Birth to Three Years

Women's Health

Provide women with family planning advice, IUCD & Mirena insertion, Jadelles, cervical smears (nurse smears are available at reduced cost). We also provide breast examinations and mammogram referrals, STI checks, menopause advice and treatment & screening for diabetes and heart disease.

Maternity care for first 3 months (free) with referral to midwives and obstetric care as indicated. Also postnatal care is free up to 14 days post-delivery. Free flu and pertussis vaccines are available to pregnant women.

Men's Health

Provide men with family planning advice, prostrate checks, STI screening and screening for diabetes and heart screening.

Smoking Cessation

Provide stopping smoking assistance including support, nicotine replacement and medications (Zyban & Champix). An appointment can be made with a doctor or a nurse.

Youth Health

Provide full paediatric and teenage care including well child checks and immunisation programme, glue ear screening, oral health screening, youth counselling. STI checks and contraception for teenagers as required.


Provide treatment for minor accidents, removal of foreign bodies, suturing cuts, treating strains and sprains. All aspects of wound care. Referral for X-Ray or specialist as needed. Comprehensive ACC medical services. We also include sports & occupational injuries.

Minor Surgery

Removal of suspicious skin lesions, including moles, lumps and ingrown toenails.

Flu Vaccinations & Other Immunisations

Flu Vaccines – Free for over 65’s, many chronic health conditions and children under 5 with recurrent respiratory illnesses, and pregnant women. Flu vaccines are available until 1 December 2021. 

Book your flu vaccination through the patient portal, using the online form to request an appointment or phoning us on 09 831 0170

Flu Vaccine - Patient Portal

Request Flu Vaccine Booking


Travel Medicine – Appointment with doctor in first instance. All relevant advice, vaccinations and malaria prevention medication provided payment to be made in advance for all vaccine orders. See website

Immunisation Schedule All infant and childhood vaccines provided as per government schedule, Gardisil vaccines & tetanus boosters. Childhood vaccines are essential to prevent major and potentially fatal illnesses eg. Whooping cough and polio. We have a system of nurse recalls.

Other Vaccines can be ordered and paid for including chicken pox vaccine, shingles vaccine etc.

National Immunisation Schedule - 6 weeks, 3 months, 5 months, 15 months, 4 years, 11 years, 12 years (girls only), 45 years tetanus and 65 years tetanus and influenza vaccine.

HPV vaccination available free to young males. 

Mental Health

Including counselling (some funding is available for certain high needs groups). Alcohol and substance abuse services including safe drinking limits, counselling, referral to CADS and community agencies.


We can undertake a range of medical examinations including drivers, diving, insurance, and others by arrangement.

Elderly Health

Including comprehensive global checks, memory checks, psychological issues, accessing home help and community assistance & transitioning to care of elderly facilities if requested.

Terminal Care

For our enrolled patients we can provide care in liaison with West Auckland hospice. This may include home visits if needed.

Cardiovascular Screening

The CVD (Cardiovascular Disease) Screening Programme offers a systematic risk assessment of eligible patients. This allows us to provide comprehensive management of high risk patients, by setting goals, then developing and implementing a wellness plan to reduce patients CVD risks.

Rheumatic Fever Prevention Programme

Rheumatic Fever is completely preventable by correct treatment of Strep A sore throat infections. Untreated, this can result in damaged heart valves and decreased life expectancy.  High risk groups are Maori and Pacific children aged 4 – 19 years, and also those in poor quality, crowded housing.  Concerning symptoms are: temperature >38 C, no cough, swollen tonsils (with or without pus), and swollen lymph nodes. The Doctors Massey Medical is a designated Rapid Response Clinic for treatment and prevention of Rheumatic Fever – this means you can be seen by the nurse immediately and may avoid needing a doctor’s appointment.


If you need a health care appointment with a Massey doctor, give us a call on (09) 831 0170.

Test Results

How to access your test results - If your results indicate that some action is required, the practice will contact you. If you do not hear from us you may assume the test result has given no cause for concern. However, if you would like to access the result please phone the nurse from 2-5pm. Allow at least 2 days for blood results and 1 week for other test results to be processed. The nurses may text you to phone them if they need to discuss a result with you. Please check at the front desk that we have your latest mobile phone number.

Your test results automatically go to Testsafe where they are stored securely for electronic access by other doctors. e.g. at the hospital. This enables safer care and avoids having to have tests redone. If you wish to opt out of this system please inform us.

Repeat Prescriptions

Some repeat prescriptions can be requested without seeing the doctor. However, all repeat prescriptions do require periodic reviews with the doctor. Different medications require differing length of review periods e.g. three or six monthly. The time interval will be agreed with the GP. Repeat prescriptions can be requested by phoning the nurse. Please allow at least 24 hours for your prescription to be ready. An additional fee will be incurred those required on the same day.


<span id="Hours-and-fees"></span>Hours

Standard Hours

Monday - Thursday 8am - 6pm
Friday 8am to 5pm
Closed weekends & public holidays 

After Hours

For after hours care phone The Doctors Massey Medical (09) 831 0170 - the call will be answered by a registered nurse who may be able to assist you when we are closed. If you have an urgent health issue that needs attention on a public holiday or a weekend then visit Westcare White Cross 131 Lincoln Road Henderson or for urgent situations Waitakere Hospital emergency department on 55-75 Lincoln Road

If you have a medical emergency, call 111


Patient Fees

Enrolled Patient Fees

GP Consultation

Age Monday to Friday Community Services Card
0 - 13 years FREE FREE
14 - 17 years $35.50 $13.00
18 - 24 years $40.00 $19.50
25 - 64 years $44.00 $19.50
65+ years $41.00 $19.50

A $5 admin charge applies if it is the first visit and to Cervical Smears.
Prices effective from August 2021

Casual Patient Fees

GP consultations - Casual visits

Age No CSC CSC           
0 - 5 years FREE FREE
6 - 17 years $60.00 $47.00
18+ years $90.00 $70.00

CSC = Community Services Card
Effective 01 August 2021

ACC Consultation Fees

ACC Consultations

Age Standard Community Services Card
0 - 13 years FREE FREE
14 - 17 years $30.00 $13.00
18+ years $40.00 $19.50

Dressings and consumables are additional. Wound care for ACC is usually free. Fees are subject to change.
Effective 1 August 2021

Prescription Fees

Prescription Fees

Service Fee
0 - 13 $5.00
14 - 17 $10.00
Same day requirement

Adults with CSC

24/48 hours notice

Effective 01 August 2021

Other Charges

Other Charges Updated 1 August 2021

Service Fee
Flu Vaccination 2021 $25.00 or free for 65+yrs, pregnant women or people with certain chronic or long term conditions
Drivers Medical $85.00 over Age 65 & $100.00 under age 65
Minor Surgery (30min appt) $350.00 minimum
Punch Biopsy $120.00
Home Visits (by prior arrangement)  from $150.00 (non-CSC) or from $85.00 (CSC)
Liquid Nitrogen (requires Dr consult first time) $20.00 to $30 for multiple  + cons fee
Pregnancy Test with Nurse $10.00
Depo Injection with Nurse $17.00
Injection with Nurse $12.00
Ear Syringing (may require Dr consult) $30.00 + cons fee if required
Nurse consultation - short $15.00 
Nurse consultation - long  $25.00 
Dressings with nurse from $20.00 
ECG with Nurse  $40.00
IUCD insertion with Dr Jane Renwick $100.00
Jadelle with Dr Monk Fully funded for eligible people, insertion $90.00, removal $150.00
Cervical Smear with Dr Consultation fee + $5.00
Cervical Smear with Nurse $25.00
Forms to be filled out without a consultation from $20.00

A $15 administration fee will be added to your account if it is not paid at the time of the consultation. This fee will be removed if the account is paid within the next 7 days.
Appointments are 15 minutes: if you feel you need a longer time with your Massey doctor please request this at the time of booking, you will be charged accordingly. Each patient requires their own appointment time slot. If more than one person in a family needs to see the doctor it is important that you advise reception when booking.
Please tell reception at the time of booking if you have a seriously unwell, e.g. chest pain, severe shortness of breath or a child that needs to be seen urgently. Also advise if you have a cough,cold, sore throat or fever. 
Change of Details: Please let us know. It is really important to advise reception as this helps us to communicate with
New Patients: A $5 administration fee is charge for the first visit only. $5.00 per person or $20 maximum per family.  First Consultations must always be paid for at the time of the consultation.

Enrolled & Funded

Over 65 Yrs          $41.00               With CSC $19.50

25-64 Yrs              $44.00               With CSC $19.50

18-24 Yrs              $40.00               With CSC $19.50

14-17 Yrs              $35.00               With CSC $19.50

Children 13 and under are Free

Updated 1 August 2021

Our Team

Mandeeps Manage  
  • Receptionist Karla Panoho

    Receptionist Karla Panoho

    Karla joins us from being a receptionist within the Hospital setting. She lives locally and when not working enjoys spending time with her family and friends. 

  • Nurse Anna Heaslip

    Nurse Anna Heaslip

    Anna is a Nurse Prescriber and brings lots of experience with her.  

  • Dr Lu'isa Fonua-Faeamani

    Dr Lu'isa Fonua-Faeamani


  • Receptionist Dajun (Ella) Liu

    Receptionist Dajun (Ella) Liu


  • Dr Alisi Keppler - Currently off on maternity leave. Book with Dr Lu'isa Fonua-Faeamani

    Dr Alisi Keppler - Currently off on maternity leave. Book with Dr Lu'isa Fonua-Faeamani


    Dr Alisi Keppler joined us in September and will be seeing Dr Joy Stevens patients. 

    Alisi was born and raised in West Auckland in a bicultural environment with a Tongan Mother and a German Father. Alisi attended Massey High school, before completing her Medical studies at the University of Auckland in 2013. After medical school she worked 3 years in the Auckland regional hospitals rotating through different specialties, mostly at North Shore Hospital but also Waitakere and Auckland Hospital. While working in the hospital Alisi completed further studies gaining a Post graduate Diploma in Obstetrics and Medical Gynaecology in 2016. Alisi moved into General practice at the end of 2016, starting her GP specialist training which she has now completed, gaining her Fellowship in 2020. Her special interests are women's health and improving health inequalities amongst our Pacific Island and Maori communities.

    Alisi is married with one child. When she is not working she likes to spend time with her family or keeping active in the outdoors. Alisi's hobbies include surfing, walking and snowboarding. 

  • Dr Trinh Wright - Currently off on Maternity Leave, Book with Dr Charlotte Chapman

    Dr Trinh Wright - Currently off on Maternity Leave, Book with Dr Charlotte Chapman

    MBChB, FRNZCGP, Dip Paeds, Cert O+G

    Trinh is of Chinese and Vietnamese heritage.  Trinh's family emigrated to NZ when she was 2 years old.  Firmly settled in West Auckland, Trinh attended Avondale's Primary, Intermediate and Secondary Schools, followed by her medical studies at the University of Auckland before graduating in 2010.  Trinh worked throughout the hospitals in Auckland before undertaking specialist training in General Practice and recently obtained Fellowship of the GP College in 2019.  She has also completed a Diploma of Paediatrics and Certificate in Women's Health.  

    Trinh is married with young daughter, and enjoys drawing, painting, reading and yoga in her spare time. 

    Trinh is currently off on Maternity leave and will be returning late 2022. 

  • Nurse Jacinta Nair

    Nurse Jacinta Nair


  • Dr Janice Lee

    Dr Janice Lee

    MBChB, FRNZCGP, PG Cert HSc - Women's Hth

    Born in Malaysia, Janice is Malaysian Chinese, and can write and speak fluently in Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay and of course English. She is comfortable to consult in Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay or English.

    Janice came to New Zealand to pursue her medical degree and graduated from the University of Auckland in 2012. Since graduation, she has worked in all 4 major hospitals in greater Auckland region (Auckland City Hospital, North Shore Hospital, Middlemore Hospital and Waitakere Hospital) with various level of experience in Surgery, Psychiatry, Medical Subspecialties, and especially more experience in General Medicine as medical registrar.

    Since becoming a GP, Janice enjoys getting to know her patients well, forming relationship with great trust, and being the specialist of their overall health. She believes that good healthcare should be patient-centred, with good clinical decisions made collaboratively with patients, based on their values. She has great interest in chronic care disease (diabetes, heart and lung disease) and women’s health. She is currently also pursuing further post-graduate studies in Women’s Health at University of Auckland.

    Janice is married with a son and a new baby daughter whom she enjoys spending the most time with, on the weekends. Her other passions include reading, joining aerobic classes and watching movies/drama with her husband. 

  • Receptionist Ann Huysdens

    Receptionist Ann Huysdens

    Ann has had many years' experience as a medical receptionist working at other West Auckland practices. Ann says she likes working in a medical centre as she likes to be able to help people.  Outside of work Ann has grown up adult children and grandchildren.  She currently works with us three days per week. 

  • Practice Manager Robyn Goldsworthy

    Practice Manager Robyn Goldsworthy

    Robyn is an administrator and behind the scenes person and has worked at Massey Medical since 2000. She sees to all the administrative tasks involved in running the medical centre. Robyn is available for our patients, whether it is for assistance with an account, general information, or any other problem you may have. Robyn comes from a Banking background, has lived in the UK & Australia and in her youth travelled extensively in Europe. She has two grown children and three grandsons & enjoys reading, patchwork and being creative.

  • Dr Jane Renwick

    Dr Jane Renwick


    A graduate of Otago medical school, Jane met her husband, Stuart Monk, when they were classmates at university. She did her initial GP training in Hastings before working in inner city Bristol (UK). She and Stuart then went to central Nigeria with Tear Fund UK for four years. They joined MMC in 1998 and initially both worked part time so they could care for their two young sons. Jane enjoys providing healthcare for the whole family and helping people to feel confident to manage and understand their ongoing health issues such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease. She has a particular interest in Women’s health. She also works for an organisation called Best Practice (BPAC) and visits other GP’s around NZ.
  • Dr Stuart Monk

    Dr Stuart Monk


    Stuart entered Medical School in Dunedin where he met Jane. They both started their careers in the Hawkes Bay working as junior doctors. GP training was completed in Bristol, England then they worked in central Nigeria for four years working for Tear Fund UK. They have two adult sons, one a Civil Engineer and the other working in business. 

    His passions include running for fitness, sailing for fun and reading for relaxation. He enjoys working with all age groups but especially enjoys older adult’s health challenges. He is the GP for two local rest homes. He offers a variety of minor surgery at The Doctors Massey Medical and increasingly excision of skin cancers. .

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  • We welcome your feedback and always strive to provide the best care and advice.  Let us know how we did. If things didn't go the way you wanted there may be something we can do to help put it right.

    1.  Online form direct to your medical centre

    2.  Or email our Clinical Advisory Team

    • If your feedback is of a sensitive nature or involves medical centre management*, please contact Green Cross Health directly by emailing [email protected] directly. You will receive an acknowledgement within 5 working days. 
    • *Please note, once we have contacted you, we will ask for your permission to share information with centre management to resolve your complaint and improve our services.

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