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PLEASE NOTE Covid related appointments may incur a charge 

Our comprehensive general practice medical services are designed for the whole family. Our GPs are available by appointment, Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm **We have appointments available outside normal business hours on request**. Enrolled patients can access our services at either The Doctors Bayfair or here at The Doctors Papamoa as our computers and files are linked. 

Enrolling with us means you can visit either practice and access services 5 days a week avoiding high casual rates for weekend and after-hour consults. Our patients receive heathcare at a professional standard of care from our experienced team of general practitioners, nurses, and reception team. Each of our GPs bring a commitment to quality family health care with specialist interests ranging from child, womens and mens health, sports medicine, minor surgery, specialist ACC work and occupational health. We run an array of nurses clinics including; diabetes, immunisation, wound clinic, ear suctioning, biopsies, healthy lifestyle, care plus, asthma, flu and a fracture clinic.

Managing a Positive Result
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Covid-19 Vaccinations
Please visit to book your Covid-19 vaccine


Many consults are virtual (phone or video), with some in person. Phone 07 572 6002 to book and tell us if you have any Covid-19 symptoms. We will explain what to do when coming into the practice. Please wear a mask at all times. PLEASE NOTE Covid related appointments may now incur a charge  

Choice of appointments and how to book them

In Person

Enrol With Us

We warmly welcome new patients

When you enrol with us, some of the benefits include:

  • Reminders and recalls for important health management
  • Pay less to see the doctor than non-enrolled patients
  • Access to our online patient portal to book appointment, order repeat prescriptions and to view lab test results
  • There is more information here about why it’s great to be enrolled

Enrol Online

There’s no need to come into the clinic, you can enrol online - it’s secure and confidential. The online form will guide you and you will need to upload suitable identification:

Enrol Here Online

Paper Enrolment

Paper enrolment forms are still available if you're not able to complete the online form. For each person enrolling, simply print and complete:  the Enrolment Form, an Adult or Child Medical Questionnaire and email all files to the practice you wish to enroll with. or including a copy of your suitable identification

Not enrolled but need an appointment? 

We have our walk in clinic Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:30pm at The Doctors bayfair *please note extra charges will apply 

Online Patient Portal

The Doctors App is now live - download today!

  • Book and manage appointments quickly
  • Request repeat prescriptions
  • View lab test results
  • A summary of your health information
  • Great way to connect with us, your general practice team
  • Passcode, touch/facial recognition – no more forgetting your username and password!

  1. It’s easy, scan this QR code to download or find ‘The Doctors’ on Google Play or the App Store

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  1. Select ‘create account’ and enter our special invite code: BAPA
  2. Enter your details – these must match what your practice holds on file

While The Doctors is best experienced on the app, it can also be accessed online. You can use the above invite code to create an account online.

Our Services

Healthy Heart Checks

Our nurses are trained in performing well person's heart checks. You will be asked to have a blood test before the check up to measure your sugar and cholesterol levels. Dietary and lifestyle advice is available.It is recommended that heart checks be completed for:

  • All men between 45 and 65 years of age
  • All women between 55 and 65 years of age

These age limits are reduced for men older than 35  and women older than 45 if you are:

  • Maori/Pacific/Indian, or
  • Have a family history of blood vessel disease (eg parents or siblings with diabetes, heart disease or stroke), or
  • Have personal risk factors eg hypertension, high cholesterol, current or recent smoker, history of diabetes in pregnancy
  • A person with polycystic ovary syndrome, impaired sugar blood tests, or overweight (BMI>=30)

Hearing Tests (audiometry)

When we test your hearing it is charted on what we call an audiogram. Your audiogram is a record of the softest sounds you heard during your hearing test, in each ear. It is common for employers to request hearing tests as part of pre-employment medicals for potential new employees.

Spirometry (lung function tests)

Spirometry testing also known as lung function screening is a test that can help diagnose various lung conditions, most commonly chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Spirometry is also used to monitor the severity of some other lung conditions, and their response to treatment. Spirometry measures the amount (volume) and/or speed (flow) of air that can be inhaled and exhaled.

Spirometry is often requested by employers as part of pre-employment medicals, particularly if the employee will be working in a dusty environment. 

Our trained nurses are able to complete spirometer testing at our The Doctors Bayfair. Only available at The Doctors Bayfair.

Cervical Screening

Qualified nurse smear takers are able to offer cervical smears under the cervical screening programme guidelines. Nurse-led cervical smear clinics are available at either practice during the day, Monday to Friday. 

Regular cervical smear tests are recommended for women from the age of 20 years until they turn 70 years if they have ever been sexually active. Cervical cancer is one of the most preventable of all cancers. A women’s best protection against developing cervical cancer is having regular cervical smear tests.  For more information on Women's Health,

Electrocardiographs (ECG)

An ECG is a recording of your heart's electrical activity. Electrode patches are attached to your skin to measure the electrical impulses given off by your heart. The result is a trace that can be read by a doctor. It can give information of previous heart attacks or problems with the heart rhythm.

ECG’s are available at The Doctors Bayfair and The Doctors Papamoa at the request of your GP.

Diabetes Management Advice

Qualified specialist diabetes nurses are available to provide advice and assistance to our diabetes patients.
If you have been diagnosed with diabetes you will receive advice, monitoring and education. Early treatment is available to help prevent worsening of the disease or associated complications.

Our doctors and diabetes nurse encourage all diabetes patients to complete an annual diabetes check up with the diabetes nurse. This check-up involves assessment of diabetes control and ensures regular retinal screening and diabetic foot screening. Some diabetes patients are eligible for our diabetes case management programme. Please ask your doctor or diabetes nurse if this is available to you.

The Doctors Bayfair supports and refers diabetes patients to the local Wellness diabetes self-management programme. For further information on diabetes.

Skin Checks and Surgery

Skinspots will be based at The Doctors Papamoa one day a week. Skinspots staff provide highly trained and experience clinicians to do skin cancer checks using clinic three different proven methods.

  • A clinical skin check using a dermatoscope, Dermoscopy in experienced hands ensures earlier diagnosis, fewer unnecessary excisions and better cure rates
  • Digital mole mapping A whole-body skin check takes an average of 45-60 minutes while a single lesion assessment would require 10 to 15 minutes (equivalent of previous skin checks)
  • Full body photography. This is the best way to find new lesions, this is critical as 70% of the numbers appear as new lesions.

Specialty Nurse Led Clinics

The nurses working in our nurse-led clinics provide expert nursing care to people experiencing a range of health issues, working collaboratively with your doctor and other health team members where indicated. There is increasing evidence demonstrating improved health outcomes, cost effectiveness, and quality of life for people attending nurse-led clinics. Some of our nurses have gained specialty knowledge and qualifications and extended their role to enable caring for people with long-term health conditions.

Workplace Flu Vaccination

Business is more effective when all staff members are healthy, and there's less absenteeism. Our doctors and nurses encourage all workers to protect themselves from influenza with vaccination. Our certified nurse vaccinators can provide immunisation for your employees. Contact us for more information.

Holiday Hours

Closed all statutory holidays 

Standard Hours

Monday - Friday 8am – 5pm for booked GP appointments

After Hours

If you require medical attention outside these standard hours please phone 07 572 6002 and follow the after hours instructions or go to The Doctors Bayfair, 42 Girven Rd, Mt Maunganui.  They are open 8am - 1.00pm Monday - Friday for walk-in care. Closed weekends and all observed Public Holidays. 

If you have a medical emergency, call 111

Patient Fees

Enrolled Patient Fees - Doctor

Age                                            Standard                                   CSC                                     
0-13 years FREE FREE
14-17 years $45.00 $13.00
18-24 years $55.00 $19.50
25-44 years $55.00 $19.50
45-64 years $55.00 $19.50
65+ years $54.00 $19.50


Prescription requests $26.00 (standard patients) or $17.00 (CSC). 
Urgent same same-daycription request $35 (standard patients) or $17.00 (CSC).

Prices effective  01/07/2023

Read our Standard Payment Terms and Conditions here

Enrolled Patient Fees - Nurse

Age Standard CSC
0-13 years FREE FREE
14-17 years $28.00 $13.00
18-24 years $28.00 $19.50
25-64 years $28.00 $19.50
65+ years $28.00 $19.50


Prices effective 01/07/2023

Read our Standard Payment Terms and Conditions here

Casual Fees - Doctor

Age                                            Standard                              CSC                                        
0-13 years $35.00 $25.00
14-17 years $50.00 $46.00
18+ years $95.00 $70.00
Non NZ residents $130.00 $130.00

Please advise reception if you are a work visa holder whose visa or visas allow you to stay in New Zealand for at least two consecutive years as you may be eligible for a full range of publicly funded health and disability services.

Prescription request $26 (standard patients) or $17.00 (CSC). 
Urgent same day prescription request $35 (standard patients) or $17.00 (CSC).

Prices effective 01/07/2023

Read our Standard Payment Terms and Conditions here

Casual Fees - Nurse

Age Standard  CSC
0-13 years $15.00 $13.00
14-17 years $40.00 $25.00
18+ years $40.00 $30.00
Non NZ residents $130.00 $130.00

Please advise reception if you are a work visa holder whose visa or visas allow you to stay in New Zealand for at least two consecutive years as you may be eligible for a full range of publicly funded health and disability services.

Prices effective 01/07/2023

Read our Standard Payment Terms and Conditions here

ACC Fees - Doctor


Age Standard CSC
0-13 years FREE FREE
14-17 years $40.00 $13.00
18-24 years $48.00 $19.50
25+ years  $48.00 $19.50



Age Standard CSC
0-13 years FREE FREE
14-17 years $50.00 $30.00
18-24 years $80.00 $40.00
25+ years $85.00 $45.00
Non NZ
$130.00 $130.00


Please advise reception if you are a work visa holder whose visa or visas allow you to stay in New Zealand for at least two consecutive years as you may be eligible for a full range of publicly funded health and disability services.


Read our Standard Payment Terms and Conditions here


ACC Fees - Nurse


Age Standard CSC
0-13 years FREE FREE
14-17 years $25.00 $13.00
18-64 years $25.00 $20.00
65+years  $25.00 $20.00



Age Standard CSC
0-13 years FREE FREE
14-17 years $25.00 $25.00
18-24 years $25.00 $25.00
65+years  $25.00 $25.00

Read our Standard Payment Terms and Conditions here 

Standard Payment Terms and Conditions

The Cost of Health Care in New Zealand

Healthcare in New Zealand is a mixture of free and subsidised services, where patients pay a fee to cover some of the costs of providing healthcare services.

Free and subsidised care is only available to New Zealand residents, with exceptions in some cases for visitors from countries like the UK and Australia where New Zealand have reciprocal agreements. Ask our reception team if you think you may be entitled to a funded service for your visit or have any other questions on our fees.

Useful Information About Fees at The Doctors

  • Payment is due the day of consultation or service - prior to your appointment.
  • Repeat prescriptions must be paid for before the prescription is issued or sent to a pharmacy.
  • All fees are based on a single appointment, extended consultations may incur additional charges. Fees may vary due to the time taken and materials used.
  • Medical consumables will be charged separately.
  • Weekends, afterhours and public holidays will incur additional fees
  • Accounts may only be set up with the approval of the Medical Centre Manager.
  • Accounts that are unpaid will be sent to Debt Collection. The debtor (patient) is responsible for all debt collection fees.
  • Normal consultation charges apply to Virtual or Phone Consultations.
  • Newly enrolled patients may require a double appointment for their first visit. A double appointment fee will apply.
  • Four hours cancellation notice for a booked appointment is required. Non-attendance will incur a normal consultation fee.
  • Our practice nurses are skilled professionals and there is a fee when you see them for advice or services.
  • If you have a Community Services Card, you may be eligible for a reduced consultation or prescription fee.
  • If not paid in full an additional $10.00 fee will be charged for all age groups

Pay Online

Our practice will email or text your unique Medeor Pay by Link. It will give you access to view outstanding invoices on your account and flexible ways to pay. There may be a small transaction fee. 

Our Team

Mandeeps Manage  
  • Health Improvement Practitioner Senae Mitchell

    Health Improvement Practitioner Senae Mitchell

    Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

    Kia ora

    Ko Takaka ki mohua tōku papakāinga tuturu

    Ko Ngāti Tama me Te Ātiawa ki manawhenua Te Tau Ihu ōku iwi

    Ko Sēnae Mitchell tōku ingoa

    As the Health Improvement Practitioner (HIP) for The Doctores Bayfair and Papamoa; I am excited to provide FREE additional support as part of the General Practise team.

    My role as HIP offers highly accessible often immediate or same day support for all ages and stages of life. I am able to provide emotional/behavioural plans developed and tailored to individual circumstances.

    If you are experiencing any challenges, stressors or issues that are impacting your life in any way, do not hesitate to contact our reception and book in with me.

    Ngā mihinui

  • Nurse Practitioner Kirstie Cooke

    Nurse Practitioner Kirstie Cooke

    Nurse Practitioner Kirstie Cooke has worked with our team at Papamoa since September 2020. Kirstie is now enrolling and taking bookings to support with your medical needs specifically in long term conditions. 

  • Dr Firas Nasr

    Dr Firas Nasr

    MD (Damascus University); MSc Clinical Dermatology (King's College London); MRCGP (UK); FRNZCGP

    Dr Firas Nasr is a dedicated GP and has come to NZ from the UK with his family, which includes three young children. While Firas is interested in all aspects of General Practice, he does have a special interest in skin and skin surgery. He enjoys the outdoors, gardening and British humour! He looks forward to meeting you at our Papamoa Practice. 

  • Dr Virginia McGowan

    Dr Virginia McGowan

    RNZCGP Fellowship, MBChB, Dip Child Health

    Dr Virginia (Ginny) McGowan studied medicine at Otago University, Dunedin, graduating in 2002. She worked at Tauranga Hospital before going into general practice. Ginny has a special interest in women's and children's health, contraception and family general practice

  • Dr Ram Naidu

    Dr Ram Naidu

    FRNZCGP, MRCS (Edinburgh), MMed Orthopaedics (Singapore); Advanced Certificate Dermoscopy (Distinction), SCCA; Advanced Certificate Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery, SCCA

    Ram was born and raised in Singapore. He completed his medical training from the National University of Singapore and migrated to New Zealand in 2009. Working in Waikato, Whangarei, Hutt and Wellington hospitals was enriching and a fabulous opportunity to make friends. He is an accredited doctor with the Skin Cancer College Australasia (SCCA) and has advanced plus accreditation for the skin cancer service with the Western Bay of Plenty PHO.

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  • We welcome your feedback and always strive to provide the best care and advice.  Let us know how we did. If things didn't go the way you wanted there may be something we can do to help put it right.

    1.  Online form direct to your medical centre

    2.  Or email our Clinical Advisory Team

    • If your feedback is of a sensitive nature or involves medical centre management*, please contact Green Cross Health directly by emailing directly. You will receive an acknowledgement within 5 working days. 
    • *Please note, once we have contacted you, we will ask for your permission to share information with centre management to resolve your complaint and improve our services.

    3.  Or for more information and other ways to give feedback, you can also contact:

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