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Here at Mt Wellington Medical Clinic we recently changed our name to The Doctors Mt Wellington. Next time you visit you’ll notice there are some new signs and branding, but everything else is still the same. We have the same medical team here to continue helping you as they always have done and are still a family centred medical centre offering a full range of general practice services to you and your family.

We also have a vasectomy clinic on site run by our own Dr Loos using the "no scalpel" method - visit the Auckland Vasectomy Clinic website here

Enrolments are currently closed due to limited staff capacity. We will accept enrolments again as soon as we can. Thanks for your understanding.

The Doctors Mt Wellington Medical Centre

Get your flu vaccine with us - if you're enrolled with us booking a flu vaccine is easy and best done through the patient portal – book now!

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Covid-19 Tests & Results, Managing a Positive Result,
Covid-19 Vaccinations and Consults

Covid-19 Tests & Results
If you have Covid-19 symptoms or are a household contact of a positive case please phone us to arrange your test. Most testing is now done via Rapid Antigen Testing (RATs) with results available within 30mins. You will need to self-report your result via My COVID Record or by calling 0800 222 478 and pressing option 3. The majority of positive cases will be able to self-manage and required to follow current isolation rules. If you have concerns or if your symptoms are worsening, call us on 09 579 6953 or 111 in an emergency.

Managing a Positive Result
Click here for managing a positive result and your symptoms at home.

Covid-19 Vaccinations
Click here for details.

Phone 09 579 6953 to book and tell us if you have any Covid-19 symptoms. We will explain what to do when coming into the practice. Please wear a mask at all times.

Choice of appointments and how to book them

In Person

Enrolments are currently closed due to limited staff capacity. We will accept enrolments again as soon as we can. Thanks for your understanding.


Not enrolled but need an appointment? 

You can still get an appointment even if you are not enrolled with us e.g. if you’re a visitor to the region. Just phone our friendly team for a casual appointment.  Extra charges apply for casual appointments when you are not enrolled.

Online Patient Portal

Are you registered for the online portal?

When you’re enrolled with us you can register for this portal, called ConnectMed. Then, any time you like 24/7 you can:

Phone reception 09 579 6953 to start your registration. Once you are registered you can login here:

ConnectMed Login

Our Services

Minor Accident Care

We offer a range of services and are able to deal with most minor accident care. If we are not able to deal with an injury we will refer you onto the appropriate service.

Adult and Child Medical Care

Your GP's surgery is far more than a place to go when you are feeling unwell and needing a quick cure. The doctor who sees you has gone through an extensive medical training to help children and adults of all ages with a range of physical and emotional difficulties. GPs are at the centre of the healthcare hub and will be aware of services and expertise that are available locally and further-a-field. GPs are also aware of the link that stress and unhappy life events have on physical health so know when to suggest a talking therapy rather than medication.

Minor Surgery

Minor surgery provides fast, competent removal and biopsies of skin lesions. Other services include cosmetic work such as removal of benign moles and skin tags. Ingrown toenail surgery is also provided. 

Fees for minor surgery usually start at $250.00 and increase from this price depending on the type and amount of surgery required. The fee is set by the doctor and can be discussed at the pre surgery appointment.


If a man decides he does not want to father children, he may choose to have a vasectomy which is a simple and effective method of sterilisation.
During this surgical procedure, the vas deferens (the tubes carrying sperm from the testicles to the penis) are cut. A vasectomy can be carried out in our surgery and takes between 30 and 60 minutes. Dr Loos carries out vasectomy procedures using the "no scalpel" method.

Auckland Vasectomy Clinic operates out of the The Doctors Mt Wellington's premises.

Repeat Prescriptions

Patients who are well-known to our practice who have a stable condition like asthma, hypertension or diabetes could be allowed to get a repeat prescription for up to three months at a time. Repeat prescriptions are never given to patients who are not known to us and there is a blanket ban on repeats for narcotics and other drugs that could be misused as doctors are expected to monitor these drugs carefully.

To order a repeat prescription, please phone the surgery.

Cost: A repeat prescription collected from our surgery is $16.00.
A prescription sent electronically to the pharmacy is $22.00

Lab Results

Sometimes your doctor needs to take a sample of blood or urine either to discover what is wrong with you or to measure something in your blood so that the right medication is given to you. These tests could be anything from blood sugar to a full blood count or a sample of tissue to test for cancer.

While urine can generally be tested in the surgery, blood and other specimens are usually sent away for testing at a laboratory. Most results come back within 48 hours unless a very rare test is needed which has to go to a specialist lab further away when it might take a little longer.

Could patients please phone the surgery between 2.00pm and 3.00pm to receive results from our practice nurse.

Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen is a fast, effective treatment to treat viral warts, sun damaged skin, skin tags and many benign cosmetic lesions. It comes in a container with a nozzle and is usually applied by swab or spray. Often one treatment is all that is needed but sometimes it may need repeating after two weeks. Because it cannot be stored for too long, you will often find that your GP will treat a number of patients one after the other. 

For more information click here.

Liquid Nitrogen is available every day and is administered by the doctor.

Cost: $15.00 This is in addition to usual consultation fee.

IUCD Insertion

An Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD) is inserted into a woman’s uterus to prevent pregnancy. Depending on the type of device, it will need to be changed after between three and five years.  
One particular brand of IUCD is often used to reduce heavy bleeding during periods. 

Cost: $36.00 This is in addition to usual consultation fee.


Immunisation has led to the decline of many lethal diseases including, most recently, meningococcal B meningitis. The National Immunisation Schedule offers a series of vaccines free to babies, children, adolescents and adults. Visit the Ministry of Health website to find out what vaccines are on the Schedule and when they are given. 

Additional vaccines are provided free for certain eligible groups considered to be at high risk because of other medical conditions; find out more here. These and other vaccines such as travel vaccines can be purchased by other people if they want them.

Immunisations are given by a practice nurse or doctor, having ensured beforehand that the person is not ill or suffering from allergies. Risks associated with immunisation are very rare.

Children have their own document to keep a record of these injections. Under the age of 5 this is usually their Well Child/Tamariki Ora My Health Book. The immunisation record may need to be shown, for example, when starting school or early childcare. The staff will also record the immunisation details on New Zealand’s National Immunisation Register. This computerised information system holds details of all immunisations given to children here and will alert families when immunisations are due.

Please call the surgery and speak with the practice nurse to make an immunisation appointment.

Cervical Smears

All women who have ever been sexually active should have regular cervical smear tests every three years between the ages of 20 and 70. This includes women who have been immunised against HPV. This test detects abnormal cells which, if left untreated, could become cervical cancer. Very often these cells are made abnormal by a human papillomavirus (HPV) which is a sexually transmitted virus. Regular tests and treatment reduces the likelihood of this sort of cancer by around 90%. 

For more information about cervical smear tests click on the link to the National Screening Unit website 

Cost: $10.00. This is in addition to usual consultation fee if done by the doctor, $30.00 if the smear is done by our Practice Nurse.


An ECG is a recording of your heart's electrical activity. Electrode patches are attached to your skin to measure the electrical impulses given off by your heart. The result is a trace that can be read by a doctor. It can give information of previous heart attacks or problems with the heart rhythm.

Cost: $30.00 This is in addition to usual consultation fee.

Travel Advice / Immunisations

Before travelling to another country you may need to protect yourself with other immunisations which not required in NZ - for example if you are travelling to Africa or South America. In some places you will need protection from rabies or malaria. Yellow fever vaccinations are only available at approved centres; please click here to view the centres in the Auckland region. Your doctor will be able to tell you what diseases you will need to be protected from in any named country and advise you on other medical matters. 

Well Child / Tamariki Ora Health Checks - Birth to Three Years

All New Zealand children are entitled to 11 free health checks from birth to three years. The checks aim to ensure that children are growing and developing as well as possible. Included in the checks are clinical assessment, health education and family/whanau support.

Baby checks are at birth and then at 24 hours, five days and around 2-4 weeks. Babies are weighed and measured to ensure that they are developing correctly. These sessions provide a great opportunity for parents to ask questions from an expert and have any problem addressed; difficulties with breastfeeding or sleep for example. They can also be used to discuss immunisations and vaccinations. These checks will be carried out by your lead maternity carer (LMC).

Between the ages of 4-6 weeks and three years, there are seven core health checks available, typically these are around 4-6 weeks, 8-10 weeks, 3-4 months, 5-7 months, 9-12 months, 15-18 months and 2-3 years. These checks may be carried out by a Well Child Provider of your choice e.g. Plunket, Maori health provider, community nurse, a general practice team (doctor and practice nurse). Your LMC will be able to give you a list of Well Child Providers in your area.

More information about Well Child services is available on the Ministry of Health website.

Standard Hours

Monday to Friday 8:30am - 6pm
Closed weekends and public holidays

If you have a medical emergency, call 111

Patient Fees

Enrolled Patient Fees

0 - 13 years FREE FREE
14 - 17 years $25.00 $19.50
18 - 24 years $47.00 $19.50
25 - 64 years $47.00 $19.50
65+ years $39.00 $19.50

Pricing effective from 3 August 2022

Casual Patient Fees

0 - 5 years FREE FREE
6 - 17 years $20.00 $19.50
18+ years $65.00 $50.00

Pricing effective from 20 May 2022

ACC Fees

First visit $30.00
CSC $20.00

Pricing effective from 20 May 2022


Payment is due on the day of your appointment. Emailed prescriptions, phone or virtual consults will be invoiced and payment can be done through internet banking. 

Our Team

Mandeeps Manage  
  • Practice Manager Alex Loos

    Practice Manager Alex Loos

    Alex has worked at The Doctors Mt Wellington since 1992. She moved from a background in physiotherapy to practice management and has been an integral part of the team since then.

  • Dr Dexter Loos

    Dr Dexter Loos

    Dexter Loos completed his medical studies at Auckland University graduating in 1981. He has been working as a GP at the Mount Wellington Medical Clinic since 1985. As well as providing comprehensive family medicine, he has a special interest in the diagnosis and treatment of skin lesions including skin cancers. He also has extensive experience in performing vasectomy operations. He is an affiliated provider to Southern Cross Healthcare for both skin surgery and vasectomies.

  • Dr Roger Parr

    Dr Roger Parr

    Dr Parr is a NZ graduate from Otago Medical School with extensive and wide-ranging experience in general practice. He has worked in the Mt Wellington area for many years. He is interested in the full range of family medicine from antenatal, childhood, through to adult men's and women's health. He also offers experience in family planning, travel medicine, and minor surgery for skin cancer. His approach is friendly and sympathetic and he likes to give patients a personalised medical service.

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