The Doctors provides a wide range of primary healthcare services onsite at 110 Russell St South, Hastings. We're open seven days a week, and all services are available without appointment, although patients are encouraged to make an appointment to see a doctor of their choice. We are an ACC-endorsed Urgent Care medical clinic, and we are proud to be RNZCGP 'Cornerstone' quality accredited, which is a national quality mark for general practice.

Urgent Care

The Doctors Hastings provides an urgent care service alongside our family GP services, giving you the assurance of complete health care seven days a week. Because we are endorsed by ACC to provide urgent care services, you can see us for accidents, injuries, urgent and acute medical conditions. Using the Australasian Triage Scale we will treat and refer to the Emergency Department as required by the guidelines.

We provide:

  • Fast and efficient service with minimal wait times
  • No appointment needed
  • Comprehensive care
  • You do not need to be enrolled with our practice: everyone is welcome
  • Doctors trained in urgent care
  • Dedicated doctor and nursing staff to cover acute walk-in patients
  • Management and treatment for injuries and acute health problems – including workplace, sports and home injuries or accidents
  • On-site x-ray, physio, pharmacy
  • A triage system for all walk-in patients to assess their level of priority – with trained urgent care doctors and triage qualified staff.
Non-acute issues such as longstanding medical problems, medical certificates, and repeat prescriptions are more appropriate for an appointment with your own GP. Emergencies are more appropriate for the Emergency Department. 

Minor operations

A Skin Lesion  and Minor Operations Clinic is run at both The Doctors Hastings and The Doctors Waipawa. Please ask your doctor or nurse, or at reception if you have any questions.

Medical assessments

The Doctors Hastings provides most kinds of medical assessments including company pre-employment medicals, insurance medicals or driver’s license endorsements. Please contact our reception team to make an appointment. 

When booking please let us know what kind of medical check you need, so we can allocate the correct amount of time for you to see a doctor or a nurse.

Company medicals often need specific paper work and documentation  - please check with your employer before you come and bring any forms that may be needed by the company. 

Nurse practitioners

The Nurse Practitioner is a registered nurse with advanced nursing skills and experience. Nurse Practitioners are accredited by the NZ Nursing Council following completion of a Clinical Master’s Degree.  Nurse practitioners are qualified to complete assessment, diagnosis and referral, prescribe medication and provide advice, management and support for acute and long term medical conditions. Nurse practitioners work in partnership with patients and family/whanau to promote health and wellbeing.


CarePlus aims to help patients with long term conditions and/or high health needs by providing increased consultation time with the general practice team at lower cost, resulting in improved health management and health outcomes for patients. Patients must meet certain criteria before being able to access the CarePlus programme.

Please ask your doctor if you fit the eligible criteria.

Podiatry - Health Steps

Health Steps is located at The Doctors Hastings offering a comprehensive podiatry service in the following areas:

  • Routine podiatry -corns, callus, ingrown toenails etc
  • Diabetic foot screening, treatment and advice
  • Video gait analysis and biomechanical assessment
  • Casted and prefabricated orthotic treatment
  • Nail surgery under local anaesthetic
  • Strapping, rehabilitation, foot strengthening and exercise programmes
  • Footwear fitting and advice
  • Children/ Paediatric foot and lower limb problems
  • Sport and recreational foot and lower limb injury treatment
  • ACC accredited clinic

Clinic Hours:

  • Tuesday 9.00am-1.00pm
  • Wednesday 1.00pm-5.00pm.

Currently a funded service is provided for qualifying and referred patients of The Doctors Hastings, The Doctors Waipawa and Gascoigne Medical. No referral is required for general appointments so appointments can be made directly via reception on 8768445.

Diabetes clinic

Patients with diabetes are individually seen by our two specialised nurses and by our doctors as part of a shared approach. Medication is reviewed and altered if necessary. Lifestyle counseling is also given during the clinic.

Being able to attend a nurse led diabetes clinic means that more patients, who wouldn’t necessarily be referred to secondary care, can receive specialist care in the community. Patients with diabetes are entitled to one free doctors appointment a year and the nurse led diabetes clinics are free of charge to those who fit the recommended criteria.

Our clinics are run weekly on a Tuesday morning and all day Thursday. Appointments are necessary - please call us on 876 8445 if you'd like to make one.

Asthma clinic

The Doctors Hastings offer nursing services and nurse clinics to our patients who suffer from respiratory illnesses. Our two Asthma nurses, Fran and Cate are highly trained nurses specialising in all respiratory illnesses. This can range from wheezy children to older patients with chronic lung problems. We also have the latest tools to be able to carry out lung function tests using spirometry.

Having a respiratory illness doesn’t mean that you need to suffer. Our nurses can help you to understand; your medications, benefits from using your preventers correctly, how to plan for winter and colds and illnesses. They are also able to support you while you become smoke free.
Cate and Fran are passionate about their clinic. Let them help you enjoy a better way of life.

We accept referrals from doctors, nurses, receptionists as well as self referrals and from whanau. If you would like an appointment with our Asthma Nurse please call us on ph: 876 8445

Tips for people with respiratory illness:

  • Have your flu injection early in the season - don’t let the flu get you.
  • If you are a smoker come and see your doctor or nurse about stopping. We have plenty of ways we can help you with this.
  • Stopping smoking could be the biggest favour you ever do your self. Make your home smoke free and ask others not to smoke around you.
  •  Use a spacer with your medications - a spacer will deliver up to 30% more medication to your lungs and you will feel better for this. Wash your spacer in warm water and detergent and let it drip dry at least once a week.
  • Use your preventer inhaler as your doctor has prescribed – this keeps you well. It also means that you will need to use your reliever less. Having good control of your asthma or COPD means that you will feel better, keep better health over winter and be able to do the things you normally do.
  • Keep your home warm and dry over winter.
  • Close your windows early in the evening. The air can be very smoky if you live in and area where lots of people have open firs and wood burners.
  • Keep your chest warm and wear a scarf especially over your mouth if you are going outside into he very cold air.
  • Be aware of what you need top do if you get ill over winter, ask your asthma clinic nurse or practice nurse to help you make a plan to keep you well.

Cholesterol clinic

Cardiovascular / Cholesterol – Healthy Lifestyle Clinic

This clinic is held each Monday 8:45am – 12:30pm. (Nurse is willing to make other arrangements if this time is unsuitable). Free, private consultations in warm welcoming nurse clinic room.

Conducted by a trained Registered Nurse who will do a thorough cardiovascular risk assessment including discussion regarding cholesterol levels, family history, diet and lifestyle all with the aim of a happier, healthier, more energized you!

You will NOT be told you must take up marathon running or jump rope for half an hour a day. Everyone is different and we are passionate about helping individuals manage their own lives depending on their personal circumstances and beliefs.

Smear clinics

This is an independent women’s clinic staffed by three certificated smear-takers, who have undergone specialised training in many areas of women’s health. The nurses provide a warm welcoming private consultation in the nurse’s clinic room.

Our nurses offer cervical smears, Chlamydia screening and can offer information on menopause, mammography, fertility, sexual health and contraception.  

Casual patients from the community are welcome along with our enrolled patients.

Sexual health & contraception

This service provides individual assessment, advice,  education and consultations regarding contraception for women and men who meet the criteria. If you are 18 or under your visit will be free.


Did you know that The Doctors Hastings has a great system called TXT2remind. TXT2remind allows us to send you recalls, notification of normal results and appointment reminders via your cell phone.

If you would like to take advantage of the recalls and results service via txt to remind let the practice nurse know the next time you are in.

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