Welcome to The Doctors

Our teams of doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, nurse prescribers, care assistants, practice managers and administrators work together to provide a wide range of medical and health care services. 

We believe access to good health care is a right of everyone in New Zealand and we are committed to helping everyone in our communities to be as healthy as possible.

Established in 1989 in Hawkes Bay, The Doctors medical centres were among the first to provide seven-day extended hours care to patients. The network has expanded over the years to include medical centres throughout New Zealand; from Christchurch in the south to Kerikeri in the north.

The Doctors medical centres continue to provide flexible, cost-effective and quality care you and your family can rely on, in convenient, comfortable and integrated health care facilities.

Meat Free Week 18-24 September 2017

Bowel Cancer New Zealand is challenging New Zealanders to give up meat for seven days and raise funds for a great cause.  Meat Free Week has taken off around the world from Australia to the UK, Canada and now New Zealand. Going meat free for one week creates a great opportunity to start thinking about how much meat you eat and the impact eating too much meat can have. With education, awareness and the information to make informed choices, the goal is that for the other 51 weeks of the year meat-eaters will consider portion sizes when including meat as part of a balanced diet.

The World Health Organisation has classified red meat – including, beef, veal, pork, lamb, mutton, and goat – as “probably carcinogenic to humans”.  WHO found an even stronger link between processed meat – such as salami and hotdogs, and bowel cancer. Studies conducted by the World Cancer Research Fund show bowel cancer risk increases by 17% per 100g of red meat consumed per day and that bowel cancer risk increases by 18% per 50g of processed meat consumed per day. Everyone is invited to take the Meat Free Week challenge and discover how easy it is to make little changes that can create a big difference. Challenge yourself, your family, your friends and colleagues to give up meat for seven days and join the Bowel Cancer New Zealand Meat Free Week Team. Click on the picture above or here for more information. Information provided by Bowel Cancer NZ.

Be a flu fighter

Even fit, healthy people, can get sick from the flu. Your best form of protection is a flu shot.  Be a flu fighter and get your flu shot this winter. Find your nearest medical centre on our map.