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Doctors look to New Zealand for a change of pace, better employment options, temperate climate, and access to unspoilt landscapes. Living and working here offers a truly healthy work-life-family balance. It’s a great environment to bring up kids alongside career goals and progression.

Green Cross Health has The Doctors network of 66 medical practices in towns and cities across our incredible country, you can find everything from untamed wilderness to rich culture. Whether you want the multicultural vibrant city of Auckland, boasting a population of over a million people with a range of opportunities for you and your family, or nestle yourself at the top of the South Island in the Tasman region, surrounded by national parks, golden beaches and crystal-clear bays. Start exploring here and find out why this really is the best place to live. It's a country that is packed with scenic delights, there is something for everyone!

Honoured to be ranked 12th on Randstad's 2023 Employer Survey!

Green Cross Health, including our network of medical centres, has been named among the top 20 most desirable places to work in Aotearoa New Zealand - ranking 12th on Randstad's latest employer research survey. The survey explores workers' and job seekers' perceptions of employer brands and is based on over 4,000 public responses. We are so proud to see the hard work we put in to supporting our teams and employees getting recognised in this way. We're proud to have a work environment where our employees feel they can thrive.

Largest general practice provider, Green Cross Health and The Doctors medical centres

Largest general practice provider, Green Cross Health and The Doctors medical centres

Making the move to New Zealand

Making the move to New Zealand

Things You Need To Know

Fast Facts About General Practice in New Zealand

Fast Facts About General Practice in New Zealand

  • An average day consists of 2 sessions (AM/PM). Each session is usually 4 hours
  • Most Doctors work 8-10 sessions per week
  • Standard appointments are 15 mins long
  • All practices use computerised patient notes. The most common software is Medtech, which is used at about 90% of practices
  • Some practices include on-call of 1-2 nights per week. This is more common in rural areas but varies practice to practice
  • Procedural skills, emergency medicine and minor surgery are valuable
  • Some practices have a walk-in clinic that all GPs work in on a roster basis
  • Different practices offer different packages. Usually the more rural a location - the more is included in the package (e.g. relocation, accommodation and car)

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Registration Pathways

Competent Pathway for UK or Irish graduates

  • Must hold a primary medical degree from a university medical school within the UK or Ireland.
  • Have at least 1 year of general medical experience working within the UK or Ireland.
  • Require 6 months of satisfactory supervision reports before gaining general registration.

Comparable Pathway

  • Must hold current and full registration in a ‘comparable’ country.
  • Have worked in a comparable health system for a minimum of 30 hours per week for at least 33 months out of the last 48 months (prior to application). This time must be practised in the branch of medicine that the Doctor intends to work in NZ.
  • Comparable countries include: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, USA.
  • Require 12 months of satisfactory supervision reports before gaining general registration.

Locum Tenens Pathway

  • Based on post graduate qualification.
  • Allows Doctors to work a maximum of 12 months in NZ at one time.
  • Always under supervision and never graduate to full registration.
  • There are specific post graduate qualifications recognised from the following countries - Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, UK, RSA and USA.
  • Ideal for Locums working up to 12 months.

Current GP Vacancies

Check out the GP Vacancies section of our careers website where it has all our current available roles. 

You'll find all the details you need on where the roles are located, which practice they are with and how to apply.

New Zealand Regions of Interest

Some regions in New Zealand are particularly special or have unique opportunities for doctors. You can find out more about these regions here so that when we talk about the roles and where they are in the country, you can get a great picture in your mind.


Testimonials From Those Who Made The Move

"In August 2014 I came to New Zealand to work as a GP in Gisborne for a year as it had beaches, vineyards and sun. After returning to Belgium in 2015, Gisborne kept calling and in 2018 we moved to New Zealand permanently. I returned to The Doctors Te Whare Hapara and am currently working as the medical lead. I enjoy the good vibes at the practice and the slower pace of life in Gisborne."

Dr Wim Ruelens - works at The Doctors Te Whare Hapāra, originally from Belgium

"I moved to New Zealand in 2013 for a change of pace from The Netherlands. Shortly after moving I was recruited by Green Cross Health to work at The Doctors Kerikeri. I have found working here a thoroughly enjoyable experience as I am surrounded by a lovely yet hardworking team, in a beautiful, laid-back town.."

Dr Hester Elbertsen - works at The Doctors Kerikeri, originally from The Netherlands

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