Quality Accreditation

We are committed to providing high quality health care to all our communities. All The Doctors medical centres have achieved Cornerstone Accreditation and work very hard every year to maintain this accreditation.

Rigorous assessment

This means they have been assessed through a rigorous process and met more than 200 strict national standards set by the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners.

Every year

The College has developed a standard for care that focuses on patients, professionals and practice. Medical centres are assessed against the standards and assessed every year to ensure the high standards are maintained.

Assessor comments

"We were impressed by the collegiality of your team and how your staff were involved in the preparation - it emphasised the true 'team effort' in this medical centre."

"Even working under a corporate there is obviously autonomy [in this practice] and a very strong positive team approach with supportive leadership."

"The teams are well led and kept accountable to their tasks which works well - for the team and for patients."

"We have visited these practices before and were familiar with their master documents. They have done well to personalise them to suit their practice needs."

Find out more about Cornerstone accreditation here