Enrol with us, we welcome new patients


Why enrol with The Doctors?

In New Zealand you can only be enrolled with one GP practice at a time. Appointments are cheaper when you're enrolled because GPs receive government funding for enrolled patients, plus children under 14 are free.

If you're not enrolled with The Doctors, you're ineligible for government funding and will be visiting as a casual patient which means paying more for your visit. We accept casual patients at most of our centres and these visits won’t affect your enrolment with another GP.

Enrollment benefits

  • Get expert care and advice that's focused on you
  • You'll save money by paying much lower fees compared with casual visits
  • A long term relationship with our friendly team who get to know your medical needs  
  • Access to an online patient portal to book appointments, order repeat scripts and check test results - anytime online, 24/7
  • Helpful reminders for important health screening and management
  • Prescriptions are cheaper for subsidised medicines 

1. Enrol Online

For some practices there’s no need to come into the clinic, you can enrol online. It’s secure and confidential and only takes a few minutes. The online form will guide you, all you need is a Visa or Passport. It's free to enrol at any GP practice in New Zealand.

2. Download an Enrolment Form

Many practices have an enrolment form that you can download and complete. The information you will be asked for may vary depending on the centre you're enrolling with. You will be asked to provide identification such as a Visa or Passport. 

Rest assured, the information collected when you enrol is protected by the Privacy Act 1993 and the Health Information Privacy Code 1994.