We have many medical centres in Auckland. If you are moving to Auckland and looking to join a medical centre you will find useful information listed under each centre's page. If you are considering job opportunities in Auckland you can access these directly by clicking the Current Vacancies on each centre's page or visiting our Careers page for more information about opportunities within our group.

Auckland is New Zealand’s largest and most populated city, often described as having a distinct cosmopolitan feel. The population of the greater Auckland region is approximately 1,500,000, which is about a third of New Zealand's population. It also has the largest Polynesian population of any city in the world and a sizable and increasing Asian population which has added to the cultural diversity of the city. 

Auckland is unique as far as international cities go, as most people live within half an hour of beaches, hiking trails and a number of holiday islands. Auckland’s blend of harbour, islands, culture and modern city environment has created a lifestyle ranked amongst the best in the world. Recently Auckland was ranked third in a 2015 quality of life survey of 215 major cities in the world.  

With a warm climate, with hot, humid summers and mild, damp winters, Auckland is the warmest main centre of New Zealand and receives high average sunshine hours each year. It's location means Aucklanders enjoy plenty of outdoor opportunities, including sailing, sports, arts, and culture and hosts national events almost weekly. Auckland's waterside location is a big attraction and has earned it the nickname "City of Sails". In just half an hour you can be almost anywhere - sailing to an island, hiking through a bush, picnicking on a volcano, sampling wines at a vineyard or walking along any number of long, sandy beaches. A diverse range of cultures adds flavour and interest to the city’s style of life. As a result, Auckland has perfected a style of cuisine called ‘Pacific Rim’, which blends Asian and Pacific flavors. 

Travel to work within Auckland is accessible via well-established road, raid and ferry networks. it is also the home to New Zealand’s main international airport and two domestic terminals makes Auckland a hub for travel anywhere in New Zealand. 

For this and further information please visit Auckland NZ Official Tourism and Travel Guide.