Be enrolled

Being enrolled has many advantages:

  • We send you reminders and recalls for important health management
  • Pay less to see the doctor
  • Pay less for prescriptions (for subsidised medicines prescribed by your doctor)
  • Appointment bookings

And that's not all! Enrolled patients also have access to:

  • Repeat prescriptions by telephone where appropriate
  • Reminder service for health checks
  • Practice nurse advice
  • House calls when appropriate
  • Telephone advice
  • After hours service

When you are enrolled with our medical centre, we are funded by our Primary Health Organisation (PHO) for your continuing care so you pay less to see the doctor or nurse and have access to many free or subsidised services.

Whenever possible, we recommend that you come to us when you need healthcare even if it may seem less convenient at times. Seeing your own regular family doctor and health professionals in the centre where you are enrolled is better for you and your family because we can get to know you and your health needs.

Your health records are held with the centre you are enrolled with, and any doctor who sees you in our centre can check your notes to review your history. Please also bear in mind that while you are free to go elsewhere for health care, you will usually pay more if you go to a medical centre where you are not enrolled.

Remember to let us know whenever you move so we can keep your address up to date. If we don’t have contact with you at least once every three years, we may lose funding to care for you and you may then be charged casual patient fees. Leaflets giving more information are available at reception.

When you join our practice as an enrolled patient, you will be under the regular care of our team. We will then hold all your medical files, including those from your previous doctor. Seeing the same doctor over time helps them to better understand your health, and life situation, and provide the best care for your needs. 

How do I enrol?

To enrol, simply complete a form available at the medical centre. If you are a NZ citizen (including people from the Cook Islands, Niue, or Tokelauan), you must provide one of the following:

  • NZ passport
  • NZ certificate of identity
  • NZ birth certificate, Cook Islands, Niue or Tokelau birth certificate,
  • NZ certificate of citizenship
  • Descent registration certificate
  • Social security benefit papers (with two forms of supporting ID information, one with a photo unless a passport is provided).

Once I'm enrolled can I go to other practices?

Yes you can - but you will be charged the higher casual patient rates, as the PHO funds your care at only one centre at a time.

Download the enrolment form here