Book Your Flu Vaccination

Book Your Flu Vaccine

Getting your flu vaccine is one of the best things you can do to help stay well through the flu season. Flu can be anywhere and is easily spread through talking, coughing and sneezing. Your best protection from the flu is getting the vaccine.

Book your flu vaccination through the patient portal used by your practice or use this form to request an appointment:

Book a Flu Vaccination

All our medical centres are delivering flu vaccinations through booked appointments and many have Flu Clinics where you don't need an appointment.

You don't have to be enrolled with us, but the price is much lower if you are. Workplaces can book their teams in to get vaccinated too (more on this below). The vaccine is FREE for people who are considered more likely to get seriously sick with the flu i.e. if you're over 65 years, pregnant, have a chronic condition or a child under 5 with a significant history of respiratory illness, click here to check eligibility. 

Only a short wait afterwards

The post-vaccination observation period is 20 minutes, so we ask that you remain in the waiting room for this duration until you have been cleared to leave. 

If the risk of exposure to infectious disease in a crowded waiting room is higher than the low risk of anaphylactic events; adolescents 13+ and adults who meet ALL the following criteria may only need to wait for 5 minutes post-vaccination:

  1. Do not have a history of severe allergic reactions,
  2. Have been assessed for any immediate post vaccination adverse reactions (5 minutes),
  3. Are aware of when you need to and how to seek post-vaccination advice,
  4. Will have another adolescent or adult with you for the first 20 minutes post vaccination,
  5. Will not drive, skate, scoot, ride a bike or operate machinery until 20 minutes post vaccination, and
  6. Have the ability to contact emergency services if required.

Ages 13+ and adults receiving any other vaccination, and all children aged under 13 years need to remain under observation for the 20-minutes post-vaccination.

Consent forms

Before the vaccination you'll be asked to read a consent form:

  • Enrolled with us?  You'll be asked to read and verbally consent to this form that will be in the clinic when you arrive
  • Not enrolled with us?  If you're not enrolled with us you'll be asked to read and sign this form. You can print and sign it in advance to take into the clinic otherwise they will provide you with one when you arrive.

Team and workplace vaccinations

Protecting your team at work from flu is easy! Use the form above to request team vaccinations or give your nearest centre a call to book them in. We can come to your workplace at a designated date or give you vouchers your staff can use to come to our clinic. Take a look at the info sheet and booking form and give us a call:

How a flu vaccine helps people

Much like COVID-19, flu can lead to serious complications, even death, especially among the elderly and people with existing medical conditions, weakened immune systems and women who are pregnant. Unlike COVID-19, very young children are also vulnerable. People are always at risk of repeatedly catching influenza because the virus strains are always changing. That's why it’s recommended everyone from 6 months old get the flu vaccine every year.

Being vaccinated against the flu means your body will be able to respond faster and more effectively to fight the flu. Although you can still get the flu after being vaccinated, you may only have a mild form and recover faster. You are also much less likely to have complications such a sinus infection, ear infection, worsening asthma and pneumonia. If you’ve never had the flu vaccine and are feeling a little unsure, here are some Flu Facts to help set your mind at ease.

Please do ask our medical team if you have any queries or concerns about flu vaccinations, we're here to help.

Available flu vaccines this year

This year there are 2 fully funded flu vaccines for patients:

  1. Afluria Quad: for all patients aged 3 years and older.
  2. Afluria Quad Junior: for infants and toddlers ages 6- 35 months

These are FREE for anyone meeting the following eligibility criteria (if you are unsure, talk to your doctor) :

  • People aged 65 years or older
  • Pregnant women (any trimester)
  • Māori and Pacific people aged 55 years and over 
  • People who have a long-term medical condition like diabetes, asthma, or a heart condition (ages 6 months+)

From 1 July the flu vaccine is also free for:

  • Children aged 3-12 years 
  • People with serious mental health or addiction needs

Anyone aged 6 months and over who does not meet the eligibility criteria for a free flu vaccine is able to pay to have a flu vaccine.

This year there is also a third vaccine available for patients aged 65 years or older - Fluad Quad. This is an unfunded vaccine option for patients who wish to receive, so there will be a cost which will vary between practices. Not all medical centres will carry Fluad Quad, so please ask when booking your appointment if you want to request this vaccine. 

Fluad Quad is an adjuvanted vaccine. Some studies have found that adding an MF59® adjuvant to the influenza vaccine enhances the antibody response. More info about this vaccine option can be found here


  1. Who can get the flu vaccine? The flu vaccine is available for children aged 6 months and over and adults. While a flu vaccine is recommended for all people, some people who are most likely to get very sick from the flu are able to get a FREE flu vaccine:
  • All people aged 65 years and older
  • Māori and Pacific people aged 55 years and older
  • Pregnant people
  • Those ages 6 months and older with certain underlying health conditions
  1. Who should not receive the flu vaccine? Most people can have a flu vaccine, however people who have had a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) to any ingredient in the vaccine or to a previous dose of the flu vaccine should not receive the vaccine. The flu vaccine CAN be given to people with egg allergy or egg anaphylaxis. If you are unwell you should wait until you are recovered and well to have the flu vaccine.

  2. I’ve had the COVID vaccine, do I also need the flu vaccine? The COVID-19 vaccine does NOT protect against the influenza (flu) virus. The flu vaccine is recommended for all people aged 6 months and older and some people who are most likely to get very sick from the flu are able to get a FREE flu vaccine. You can get the flu vaccine at any time, including before, after, or at the same time as the COVID-19 vaccine.

  3. I’ve had COVID-19 infection, should I get the flu vaccine and when can I get it? Previous COVID-19 infection will NOT provide protection against the influenza (flu) virus. The flu vaccine is recommended for all people aged 6 months and older and some people who are most likely to get very sick from the flu are able to get a FREE flu vaccine. You can get the flu vaccine once you have recovered from your COVID-19 infection and are feeling well.

  4. Can I get the COVID vaccine/ booster at the same time as the flu vaccine? Yes! There is no gap required between when you get a COVID-19 vaccine and a flu vaccine. They are be given at the same time or you can get a flu vaccine any time before or after you get a COVID-19 vaccine or booster.

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