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We’re providing our service in a new way to ensure you and your whanau remain safe. If you are concerned about coronavirus, have a cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, fever or runny nose – let us know. 

Our practice has been proudly providing health care and advice in the Albany area for over 30 years.  Together the doctors who work in the practice have over 150 years of General Practice experience. 

In December 2009 and again in June 2016 we were accredited by the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners having successfully implemented Cornerstone – Aiming for Excellence into the practice. The accreditation process supports Continuous Quality Improvement with the development of managerial, organizational and clinical systems as a method to achieve quality standards and promotes greater accountability to patients and other stakeholders.

As General Practitioners of many years experience, we believe that passing on expertise to the next generation to be of the utmost importance. Therefore, Albany Family Medical Centre acts as a teaching practice affiliated with the Goodfellow Unit of the Department of General Practice, University of Auckland. We regularly receive medical students towards the end of their training.  Please be aware that this commitment may involve, with your permission, having a medical student present during a consultation; this is, of course, entirely voluntary and it is perfectly acceptable for you to decline to have a student present if you wish. 

Our Values

To make the most efficient use of the combined talents of our medical and administrative staff by focusing entirely on what is best for our patients by giving your whole family comprehensive health care, encompassing your physical, emotional and social well-being.

Booking Online + Order Prescriptions

We are excited to be able to offer you the confidential online portal called ManageMyHealth that allows you to:

  • Request repeat scripts 
  • Books appointments with Doctors and Nurses (currently unavailable due to Covid-19)
  • Access test results

Talk directly with our receptionist to find out how to register for this service. If you are already registered 

Our Services

Quick Health Checks

If you have not been to your doctor for over two years please make an appointment for a quick health check. This is wise for your health and also ensures that your enrolment and funding subsidy for fees is kept current.


Immunisations: We fully endorse the National immunisation programme for children. We also endorse the influenza vaccine for adults who those who meed the ministry of health criteria (all persons over 65 years of age, or with a variety of other ‘qualifying diseases’ – check with the nurse or doctor). Other non-qualifying persons may also wish to consider the vaccine (i.e. child-care workers, checkout operators etc.)

Whooping cough has been increasingly diagnosed in the community over the last few years. The Ministry of Health is recommending and funding a booster vaccine for expectant mothers over 28 weeks gestation. It is also recommending that close family members of expected newborns be given a booster (not funded however).

Health Promotion

We see our role as one of partnering you with the common goal of optimising your health both now and in the future ( not just in treating diseases if / when they arise ). This is a privilege and we are keen to succeed in this task.

Mammogram Reminder to Women 45-69 – You are eligible for a free mammogram screening every two years. Ask your Doctor or Nurse for a referral or you can phone Breast-screen Aotearoa on 522 4765 to enrol. 

Cervical Smears – all women who are sexually active should be having regular smear tests. The laboratory we use is of international quality. Strict processes are in place. No screening test is perfect, but having a smear test has been shown many times to save lives. You can help yourself to reduce your risk by not smoking and by practising safe sex. Ask your Doctor or Nurse for advice. 

Meningococcal Disease – Meningitis is a serious infection which is highly contagious. It can be treated with antibiotics if diagnosed very early. Vaccination appears to be stopping this epidemic. A different strain of meningococcal bacterium ( Meningococcal C ) is particularly affecting young persons in boarding situations. A vaccination against this is available, but not (yet) funded by the Ministry of Health. Talk to your doctor or nurse. 

Health living – exercise and dietary advice

Recall system for cervical smears, immunisations and diabetics

Minor Surgery

Skin cancer screening: We have many years of experience in diagnosing and treating / excising skin cancers. The vast majority of skin lesions can be diagnosed and dealt with ‘in-house’, although occasionally referral to a specialist dermatologist or plastic surgeon may be necessary. Resection of ingrown toenails is also performed where appropriate. We also have liquid nitrogen always available for more superficial skin damage where indicated, and for treatment of warts.

Well Person Medicals

We encourage our patients to have regular checks to prevent illness developing, or to detect and treat illnesss early. These appointments include advice on smoking, cholestrol, blood pressure, and diabetes. They also include prostate checks for men and cervical smears and breast examinations for women. Relevant blood tests can also be arranged.

Family Planning

We give advice on all contraceptive methods available. We are able to fit and remove contraceptive devices including Mirena and Jaydess. Sexual health: Advice and screening for sexually-transmitted diseases, and treatment when required. Advice and treatment for men suffering with erectile dysfunction.

Laboratory Results

Allow up to 3 working days for most results. We will phone or email you ONLY IF your result is abnormal. Please call our nurses after 9.30 if you have any queries.

Specialized Skills

Bed wetting

Sexual health – male impotency 

Counseling – As well as good listening skills (!), we also offer specific counseling assistance with weight loss, lipid (cholesterol) management, smoking cessation, appropriate exercise, and a range of other health issues.

Allergy testing: Referrals for investigation and treatment where appropriate.

Palliative care: End of life care, usually in conjunction with the North Shore (or other) Hospice.

Ear Syringing

ECG’s (Electrocardiograms)

Audiology (hearing tests)


Weight Loss

Reducing Cholesterol

Travel Consultations

Patients wanting to book for Travel Consultations need to phone reception. No online bookings.

Skin Assessments

Several of our Doctors have a particular interest and many years experience in the diagnosis and management of skin cancer, including chemotherapy and surgery when required. If you wish to have a full skin assessment, a separate dedicated appointment is advised. Talk to our reception staff to make an appointment.


Opening Hours and Fees

Open 8am - 6pm Monday to Thursday and 8am - 5.30pm Friday.   After hours service: Shorecare at Smales Farm, Takapuna Phone: 4867777 Open 24 hours 24/7. NorthCross, 948 Eastcoast Road, Northcross: 4867777 Open 8am – 8 pm 7days not public holidays.

NB: All prices are subject to change without prior notice

Enrolled Patients Standard Fees

Standard GP Consultation

8am - 6pm Monday - Friday (excluding public holidays)

Age Fees
0 - 13 years FREE
14 - 17 years $36
18 - 24 years $48
25 - 44 years $56.50
45 - 64 years $58.50
65+ years $46

Community Services Card (CSC) fees are $13.00 for 14-17 years and $19.50 for 18+ years

Payment to be made at time of consultation. A billing fee of $10.00 will apply if not paid at time of consultation. Unpaid accounts will incur late payment fees and collection costs. Failure to attend a booked appointment without reasonable notice will incur a $25.00 charge.


Non Residents Standard Fees

Standard GP consultation

8am - 6pm Monday - Friday, Weekends & Public Holidays

Child $125
Adult $150

Payment to be made at time of consultation. A billing fee of $8.00 will apply if not paid at time of consultation.
Unpaid accounts will incur late payment fees and collection costs.
Failure to attend a booked appointment without reasonable notice will incur a $20 charge.

ACC Standard Fees

Enrolled ACC fees

8am - 6pm Monday - Friday (excluding public holidays)

 Age Fees
Child <13 FREE
Child >13 $38
Adult $48

ACC Surcharge/New/Casual Patients

8am - 6pm Monday - Friday (excluding public holidays)

Age Fees
Children $65
Adult $85

Payment to be made at time of consultation. A billing fee of $8.00 will apply if not paid at time of consultation.
Unpaid accounts will incur late payment fees and collection costs.
Failure to attend a booked appointment without reasonable notice will incur a $20 charge.


30 min Doctor 15 min Nurse

Well Person Medical $300-375
Gynaecological Smear $76
Driving >65 $70
Driving <65 $80
Insurance Price on Application
Miscellaneous Price on Application



Repeat Prescriptions

Adult Fees CSC Fees
Collected $26 $15
Faxed $30 $16
Urgent (within 2 working days & collected) $35 $17
Urgent (faxed, within 2 working days) $38 $18
Visitor   $45


Children <13 (collected) No Charge  
Children >13 $15  
Children >13 fax/collected $18  


Repeat Prescriptions -


Referral & Email Letters / Phone Consultations

Referral & Email Letters - From $25

Phone consultations - Standard Consultation Fees apply

Injections / Liquid Nitrogen

Injections - Price on Application

Steroid - $140

Allergy, Antibiotics, Acclasta, B12 - Price on Application

Liquid Nitrogen

  • Warts - $15 per site
  • Verrucas - $40 per site

Home Visits

Home Visits $180-250

Minor Surgery

Excision - Simple/Complex - $350-550
Dermal Shave - $150-180
Biopsy - $200-275

Our Doctors

Mandeeps Manage  
Dr Lee-Chen Gan.jpg

Dr Lee-Chen Gan

I was born and raised in Malaysia. After completed a medical degree in Taiwan, I immigrated to New Zealand in 2007. Here, I gained a Postgraduate Diploma of Child Health in 2010 and GP fellowship in 2014. I perform minor surgeries. I am able to do ingrown toenail, simple skin lesion excision and steroid injections (shoulder, knee, carpal tunnel, trigger finger etc). I speak fluent English and Chinese. I understand most Taiwanese, Cantonese but am not able to speak them. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, playing tennis and violin.

Helen Sharp (2).jpg

Dr Helen Sharp

I am originally from Christchurch. After spending High School in the UK I returned with the family to NZ and did my medical training at Otago University graduating in 1993. I headed back to the UK where I did my vocational training in General Practice and worked in the NHS for 24 years. We were keen to experience the wonderful Kiwi lifestyle so my husband moved from the RAF to the RNZAF based at Whenuapai and I have been very fortunate in joining the fabulous team at AFMC.

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Dr Samar Hamid

I completed my Medical Degree in Pakistan in 1996. I completed my hospital and GP training in NSW and Victoria in Australia. I have recently moved to New Zealand with my husband and three children. I am Vocationally registered. I am fluent in English, Urdu and Hindi.
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Nurse Alison Payne

I emigrated from the UK in 2013. I have over 25 years experience of paediatric nursing both in hospital and in the community setting. I have also worked ad a Public Health nurse and was instrumental in commencing an opportunistic vaccination program within the local hospital. I enjoy the diversity of my role as a Practice Nurse and am particularly interested in paediatrics, emergency medicine and vaccination.

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Nurse Annette O'Sullivan

I have been a Practice Nurse since 1995, a large proportion of those years spent at Albany Family Medical Centre. Along with contact with people, I enjoy the vast diversity that Practice Nursing brings, and my areas of special interest are Childhood Vaccination, Wound care, and Asthma and Diabetes Clinic teaching. In my spare time, I enjoy travelling, walking and biking with friends.

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Nurse Anna Wang

My employment at AFMC started in July 2014 and I am really enjoying working with my kind, funny dedicated colleagues. I feel lucky to be part of this wonderful team.

I love travelling, and am an enthusiastic foodie. I'm enjoying my New Zealand experiences - particularly surf school at Piha, and I recently learnt to SCUBA dive.

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Nurse Mary Thuell

I started with AFMC in 1997 and have been humbled and privileged to have been able to share so many wonderful people's lives and families. My special interests are now paediatrics, wound care, emergency medicine, and collaborating with my colleagues to provide a standard of care which I believe we can be very proud of. 

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Dr Grace Beshara

I emigrated to NZ in 2001. It is a great opportunity to work with the team at Albany Family Medical Centre. I enjoy all aspects of General Practice and my special interests are women's and children's health. In my spare time I enjoy doing activities with my family and two children.

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Dr 'Harry' Martin

After qualifying as a doctor in the UK, I travelled extensively before settling in Auckland in 1993. Being a GP and working with the team is great! I like all aspects of General Practice particularly children and women's health. Outside work, I enjoy spending time with my husband and three young adult children, music, cycling, being outdoors and planning future adventures.

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Dr John Kyle

John first started as a General Practitioner in Albany in 1985 working in solo practice  until 2001 at which time he joined Paul and Philip at the current address. For many years he functioned as an examiner for the Royal New Zealand College of GP's and currently is a teaching partner with the Department of General Practice at the University of Auckland. In his spare time (when he gets some!) he enjoys painting, fishing and playing guitar.

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Dr Philip Gluckman

Third generation of NZ doctors - an old family curse. Keen musician, my novel "Harry from the Agency" is available in all libraries. Absolutely love my job and I have a special interest in treating patients with Hyperhidrosis.

Enrol now

We warmly welcome new patients.  Download our Enrolment Form here.

Being enrolled has many advantages:

•    We send you reminders and recalls for important health management
•    Pay less to see the doctor
•    Pay less for prescriptions (for subsidised medicines prescribed by your doctor)
•    Appointment bookings

Simply ask at reception or download our enrolment form below. Complete all the sections and send back to us by email, post, fax or bring it in with you.  You will need to bring in an original ID document (e.g. Birth Certificate, Passport) as well as the original enrolment form before your first visit - call our team to find out.

There are many more benefits to enrolling, click here for more General Enrolment information.


Latest news

February 2020

We would like to welcome Dr Lauren Brenner to Albany Family Medical. Dr Brenner will be joining us on Monday 3rd February and will be available for appointments on Monday mornings and Wednesdays. Dr Brenner has a particular interest in women's health and will be a wonderful asset to the team.

September 2019

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Dr Lee-Chen Gan who will be starting with us this month. He has lived and worked in New Zealand since 2005 having trained in Taiwan. He is a fluent Mandarin speaker. We look forward to him starting with us shortly.
We would like to extend our good wishes to Dr Anuj Gupta who is leaving us this month. We wish him and his family all the best from  AFMC.

December 2018

We are delighted to welcome Dr Helen Sharp to the Practice. Dr Sharp qualified in New Zealand and then has spent the last 25 years working and raising a family in the UK. She has a special interest in women’s health and will be a fantastic asset to the AFMC team.

September 2018

It is with great sadness that we announce that our beloved Doctor Nelly Steinemann will be retiring at the end of September. She will be greatly missed by patients and staff.  Dr Jacqui Tam has reluctantly decided to resign from the practice in October after 19 years and we wish her well in her future endeavours. Jacqui will also be greatly missed by patients and staff.

We have two new Doctors who have joined our practice, Dr Samar Hamid and Dr Anuj Gupta. Dr Gupta as a special interest in Asthma and Diabetes and Dr Hamid has a special interest in Travel Medicine. We wish them both a very warm welcome.  We would also like to welcome our two new Receptionists Jane and Yuki and also our new Practice Nurse Jo. Welcome to the family!

November 2017

In July 2017 Albany Family Medical Centre formed a partnership with Green Cross Health. Dr Paul Milton will be retiring in December after 35 years as a GP in Albany. We warmly welcome Dr Samar Hamid to the team, a very experienced general practitioner from Australia.

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