Management Support Agreement

Is managing your medical practice getting in the way of being a doctor? Constant change in our health sector presents medical practices with plenty of challenges, not least of which are compliance issues and the ever present need to secure funding streams. Keeping up with the demands of being a doctor and fulfilling your administrative and clinical responsibilities often requires more hours than there are in a day. A Management Support Agreement (MSA) with Green Cross Health lightens the load by connecting you with New Zealand’s leading clinical support network and key administrative expertise, to help you navigate an increasingly complex medical business environment.

What is an MSA?

An MSA is based on the collaborative principle that we can achieve more when we share knowledge and resources. It fosters a culture of clinical excellence by enabling you to increase your level of service, without a corresponding increase in the number of partners, staff, and overheads. Under an MSA, you remain in the driving seat of your medical business, while we take care of the administrative headaches that distract you from doing what you do best. The following is a summary of resources and key services you can expect.

What's in an MSA?

Accounting and Payroll

An MSA provides you with a high level of reporting, including monthly management accounts, and takes care of GST and PAYE returns, as well as fortnightly payroll processing. You have direct access to a team of professionals with a complete understanding of primary care funding streams, practice management systems, ACC processing, and other vital processes.

Business Intelligence

Dashboards are feedback and performance measurement tools that help you keep your finger on the pulse with regular updates on the financial and productivity of your medical practice. They enable you to identify and address issues early, before they turn into bigger problems down the track.

Clinical and collegial support

An MSA connects you to a wider world of knowledge and resources designed to significantly reduce the time (and angst) involved in fulfilling your clinical obligations. Key to this is the Green Cross Health intranet – your go-to resource for procedures, guidelines and templates, as well as the policies and regular updates required for meeting key industry standards and best practice requirements. You will also gain membership on our local clinical governance committees, which meet regularly to collaborate on best practice outcomes for the communities we serve.

Group purchasing and IT

Bulk purchasing agreements between Green Cross Health and key industry suppliers gives you access to favourable buying rates on a complete range of consumables, medical supplies and equipment. Green Cross Health is also investing in an IT platform to meet the demands of today’s consumer, which will also lower the total IT spend per practice.

Human Resources

Our online resources provide assistance on all HR matters – from recruitment procedures and employment contracts to staff induction guidelines and information on workshops and training for practice staff. Access to, our intelligent online recruitment site, makes it easier to deal with large numbers of applicants by screening, ranking and shortlisting candidates for interviews.

Branding and marketing resources

An MSA provides you with a package of options that enables you to harness the strength and recognition of ‘The Doctors’ brand and reach out to patients in your community.


Invitations to events, including two managers’ forums and our annual group conference, provide opportunities to network, share information, hear from industry leaders, and grow your skills within a collaborative environment.

What is the cost of an MSA?

An MSA enables you to leverage essential resources within the Green Cross Health group. Cost is determined by the size of your practice (number of staff and patients) and the level of support you need. We can provide you with a firm idea of cost once we’ve had the opportunity to meet with you and learn more about your practice.

Doctors at large

Green Cross Health supports a network of around 300 pharmacies and 45 medical centres, as well as Total Care Health (the home nursing service) and Access Health (the home support service). We use this scale and influence to advocate for primary care businesses and the professionals who work in them.

Our medical history

We have a track record of helping medical businesses lift performance, efficiency and profitability by providing access to extensive resources aimed at reducing the costs of working with independent providers and ensuring the most effective use of your in-house team.

A Management Support Agreement could make a real difference to your practice:

  • In business administration alone, we can help practices save around $15,000 p.a.
  • Under our latest supplier agreements, an average sized medical business can expect to save at least $10,000 p.a.
  • Your practice can automatically participate in the Green Cross Health Clinical Governance network in your area.
  • By freeing up time spent on administration, you will have more time to spend at the medical end of your business and more time caring for your patients.

Let’s talk

If you are interested in finding our more about how a Green Cross Health Management Support Agreement could benefit your practice, please email us at Your enquiry will be treated in the strictest confidence.