GP Consultations

Our experienced General Practitioners provide a full range of health care services including:

  • GMS
  • ACC
  • Palliative
  • War Pensions
  • Maternity
  • Travel Medicine

Nurse Led Consultations and Clinics

Our nurses provide support for the general practitioners as well as a wide range of nursing services. For these routine nursing services please make a nurse appointment with the front desk.

  • Nurse
  • Immunisations
  • Travel Medicine
  • Diabetes
  • Smoking Cessation
  • CVRA
  • Cervical Screening
  • Breast Screening

Additional Services

Phoenix Health Centre also provides additional services for both the workplace and individual.

  • Minor Surgery
  • Workplace Medicals
  • Drug Testing
  • Aged Residential Care

In addition, we have nurses who have undertaken extra training who take the following special clinics for patients.


Phoenix Health Centre provide insurance, immigration and employment medicals

Immigration Medicals
Our aim is to make the process of completing an immigration medical as easy as possible for you. All the services you need, such as laboratory, xray, and experienced doctors and nurses are in Phoenix Health Centre or close by. 
The consultation fee for the medical is $275, or $175 for a child.

Employment Medicals
Phoenix Health Centre carries out pre employment medical assessments for several large employers in Whakatane. These give a base line recording of an employee’s health status at the time they were employed. It is then possible to monitor the employee’s health in relation to the hazards they may be exposed to in the workplace. If required we also undertake monitored urine sampling for ESR drug testing.


Phoenix Health Centre offers a wide variety of clinics. Please contact us for further information regarding any of our clinics.

Diabetes Clinic

Clinics are held every Thursday offering advice to all existing and newly diagnosed diabetic patients as required.

Additionally, all diabetic patients are offered a free annual review, including relevant blood tests, foot checks, follow up and referral to other healthcare professionals as necessary. Donna McConnell runs this clinic.

Asthma Clinic

The aim of this clinic is to help patients manage their asthma. Inhaler techniques, peak-flow monitoring, action plans and lifestyle issues are covered during an appointment with the asthma nurse

Travel Clinic

Phoenix Health Centre has staff trained in all aspects or traveller’s health.

What does the Travel Clinic offer?

  • Specific travel advice tailored to the traveller’s needs
  • General travel advice on such issues as deep vein thrombosis, jet lag, traveller’s diarrhoea, altitude sickness
  • Advice on accident and injury prevention
  • Advice on women’s health issues such as pregnancy and flying and HIV considerations
  • Advice on specific diseases and illnesses relating to the traveller’s destination, including malaria, rabies, hepatitis, yellow fever
  • Pre-travel vaccinations

Who gives advice and vaccines?
Two practice nurses and a doctor, all who have had specific travel medicine training.

Smoking Cessation

Individual support is offered to people who would like to stop smoking by our health care assistants who are trained in smoking cessation. They are able to supply nicotine patch exchange cards, which can be exchanged at a pharmacy for two four – week courses of subsidised patches or gum.