Our services 我们的服务

  • Elder care - 老年护理
  • Nurse specialty clinics - 护士专科诊所
  • Minor surgery - 小手术
  • Circumcisions - 包皮环切
  • Acupuncture -  针灸
  • Spirometry -  肺活量测试
  • Audiometry - 听力测试
  • Occupational health -  职业健康
  • Chronic Care -  长期护理
  • Diabetes clinic -  糖尿病诊所
  • Unichem Pharmacy – 药房
  • Eye specialists -  眼科专家
  • Podiatrist - 足病诊疗师
  • Orthopaedic service / Fracture clinics - 骨科/骨折诊所
  • Special skin surgery -  特殊的皮肤手术

New Lynn Radiology

We are excited to introduce a new radiology service. At New Lynn Radiology we are committed to provide quality, affordable services to our community. Our medical radiology technician has strong ability to balance a genuine interest in patients and their welfare with the necessary technical requirements of imaging procedures. We aim to expand our service provision in the near future with the inclusion of physiotherapy and ultrasound. 

  • General x-rays - No appointment needed
  • See us for all your general x-rays, including those for insurance and employment purposes
  • ACC x-rays 
  • We provide ACC x-rays. These require a doctor’s request form. 

Ph: 09 827 7810, F: 09 827 3510, E: radiology@nl.thedoctors.co.nz
Opening hours: 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday


Circumcisions are available at The Doctors New Lynn.

  • Child (under 18 years old) = $385.00
  • Adult (18 years and over): $450.00

Ask your GP or registered nurse for more information today.

Manage My Health

Please note MMH is not yet available at The Doctors New Lynn. We will keep you updated.