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Anthony Edwards

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MB BS, Dip Obst, FRNZCGP Integrated Health GP

A GP since 1981 and at The Doctors Napier since 1989, Dr Edwards uses a combination of natural health and standard medical diagnostics and treatment. He specialises in management of long term health issues whether in children or adults. Focusing on prevention and aiming for long term good health. Appointments with Dr Edwards are necessary and there can be a wait for an initial appointment.

"In the late 1990s, 20 years after graduating as a doctor, I made a radical change. I applied Functional Medicine to my general practice. Functional Medicine focuses on the underlying causes of ill health rather than just naming a series of seemingly unconnected diseases and prescribing a series of drugs or operations for each disease.  Don’t get me wrong. Acute medicine is very accomplished at treating named diseases and we have specialists and hospitals who do this exceptionally well. I was trained as a doctor hence well trained in acute medicine. There have been astounding advances in acute medicine and surgery. Yet more and more people need more and more acute services as they get older. Why? Can this trend be changed?  As I moved from hospital practice to general practice, I started seeing the same people over an extended period of time. I noticed even with the best of care, chronic conditions progressed, albeit more slowly.

Is there evidence of health getting off track before a disease is found? Can those signs be picked up? Can the trend to ill health be reversed? Can a chronic disease state be reversed?  I aspire to avoid the ravages of ill health if I can, and speaking to the members of my medical practice over the years, they want the same. Thus began my quest for answers to these questions. I was surprised to discover there are many answers already out there, but more importantly there is a particular new way of thinking that asks what is really going on? More answers (and more questions) emerge each day, week, year.  I have applied this way of thinking, (Functional medicine) to my practice and my life (as best I can!) since the last years of the 20th century".

Tony Wright

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"I qualified in Southhampton, UK in 1991. I am a GP with knowledge in all aspects of general practice. I look after all ages from 0 – over 100. I have extra experience in minor injury work, having worked as a casualty department senior house officer in Worthing, West Sussex, and for over two years as a staff grade doctor in a minor injury unit in Bridgewater, Somerset.  I hold the family planning qualification of DFFP (Diploma of Faculty of Family Planning of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) and the MRCGP (Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners).  I moved to New Zealand and joined The Doctors Napier in 2007. I am married to Rachel and we have three teenage children".

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