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New Practice Nurse - Iris Shi

The best practice techniques adopted at The Doctors Fred Thomas motivates an aspirational member of the clinical team to excel in her role.

Practice nurse, Iris Shi joined The Doctors in June 2018 and she says the consistent use of proven clinical techniques ensures all patients receive high standards of care, all the time.

“The nursing team works with highly qualified and experienced doctors, and we are all supported to do what we are best at,” says Iris.

Her role includes immunising patients for general population health as well as administering vaccines to people travelling to international destinations where there are health risks.

Iris and the charge nurse carryout smear tests for cervical health, which takes the pressure off busy doctors and it is slightly cheaper to see a nurse for this routine procedure.

The nursing team can also change dressings and use liquid nitrogen to treat small skin lesions and growths, such as warts.

In fact, Iris’s day can include anything from ear syringing to remove wax, to carrying out electrocardiography (ECG) to monitor the electrical activity of a patient’s heart.

“A great day is when I see a patient for one routine procedure, such as a smear test.

“They are generally healthy and we may seldom see them, so this is an opportunity to check other health indicators, including blood pressure, stress levels and weight.”

It is like a mini check-up and if a health concern arises, Iris refers patients to their doctor and their improved well-being is a positive outcome that she feels good about initiating.

Iris developed her varied professional skillset throughout four years of practice nurse experience at a Remuera medical centre and prior to that, she was a nurse at a rest home hospital.

She studied nursing at The University of Auckland and has undertaken professional development throughout her career.

Recently Iris got married and the couple bought their first home, located on the North Shore.

Her free time is spent renovating and enjoying simple activities, like watching movies or walking so they can save money for further décor improvements.