Well Person Medicals

We encourage our patients to have regular checks to prevent illness developing, or to detect and treat illnesss early. These appointments include advice on smoking, cholestrol, blood pressure, and diabetes. They also include prostate checks for men and cervical smears and breast examinations for women. Relevant blood tests can also be arranged.

Quick Health Checks

If you have not been to your doctor for over two years please make an appointment for a quick health check. This is wise for your health and also ensures that your enrolment and funding subsidy for fees is kept current.


Immunisations: We fully endorse the National immunisation programme for children. We also endorse the influenza vaccine for adults who those who meed the ministry of health criteria (all persons over 65 years of age, or with a variety of other ‘qualifying diseases’ – check with the nurse or doctor). Other non-qualifying persons may also wish to consider the vaccine (i.e. child-care workers, checkout operators etc.)

Whooping cough has been increasingly diagnosed in the community over the last few years. The Ministry of Health is recommending and funding a booster vaccine for expectant mothers over 28 weeks gestation. It is also recommending that close family members of expected newborns be given a booster (not funded however).

Health Promotion

We see our role as one of partnering you with the common goal of optimising your health both now and in the future ( not just in treating diseases if / when they arise ). This is a privilege and we are keen to succeed in this task.

Mammogram Reminder to Women 45-69 – You are eligible for a free mammogram screening every two years. Ask your Doctor or Nurse for a referral or you can phone Breast-screen Aotearoa on 522 4765 to enrol. 

Cervical Smears – all women who are sexually active should be having regular smear tests. The laboratory we use is of international quality. Strict processes are in place. No screening test is perfect, but having a smear test has been shown many times to save lives. You can help yourself to reduce your risk by not smoking and by practising safe sex. Ask your Doctor or Nurse for advice. 

Meningococcal Disease – Meningitis is a serious infection which is highly contagious. It can be treated with antibiotics if diagnosed very early. Vaccination appears to be stopping this epidemic. A different strain of meningococcal bacterium ( Meningococcal C ) is particularly affecting young persons in boarding situations. A vaccination against this is available, but not (yet) funded by the Ministry of Health. Talk to your doctor or nurse. 

Health living – exercise and dietary advice

Recall system for cervical smears, immunisations and diabetics

Minor Surgery

Skin cancer screening: We have many years of experience in diagnosing and treating / excising skin cancers. The vast majority of skin lesions can be diagnosed and dealt with ‘in-house’, although occasionally referral to a specialist dermatologist or plastic surgeon may be necessary. Resection of ingrown toenails is also performed where appropriate. We also have liquid nitrogen always available for more superficial skin damage where indicated, and for treatment of warts.

Family Planning

We give advice on all contraceptive methods available.  Sexual health: Advice and screening for sexually-transmitted diseases, and treatment when required. Advice and treatment for men suffering with erectile dysfunction.

Laboratory Results

Allow up to 3 working days for most results. We will phone or email you ONLY IF your result is abnormal. Please call our nurses after 9.30 if you have any queries.

Specialized Skills

Bed wetting

Sexual health – male impotency 

Counseling – As well as good listening skills (!), we also offer specific counseling assistance with weight loss, lipid (cholesterol) management, smoking cessation, appropriate exercise, and a range of other health issues.

Allergy testing: Referrals for investigation and treatment where appropriate.

Palliative care: End of life care, usually in conjunction with the North Shore (or other) Hospice.

Ear Syringing

ECG’s (Electrocardiograms)

Audiology (hearing tests)


Weight Loss

Reducing Cholesterol

Travel Consultations

Patients wanting to book for Travel Consultations need to phone reception. No online bookings.